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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Veteran Canadian pro-lifer Linda Gibbons has been arrested after witnessing in front of the notorious Morgentaler abortion clinic in Toronto, LifeSiteNews has learned.

On Thursday morning, LifeSiteNews was informed that pro-life hero Linda Gibbons, who has spent years in prison for her boots-on-the-ground activism, was arrested by Toronto Police after witnessing for three hours outside the infamous Morgentaler Clinic abortion center in Toronto. The clinic, located in an office complex on 727 Hillsdale Avenue in Toronto’s upscale Leaside neighborhood, is one of many started by or named after Canada’s most notorious abortionist, Henry Morgentaler.

Linda Gibbons has been arrested for witnessing in front of the Morgentaler abortuary. She witnessed for 3 hours, police arrived, put her in the cruiser and interviewed her. She has now been arrested. Please pray for her. She truly is our hero of the pro-life movement,” LifeSiteNews was told by those familiar with the situation. 

A close friend of Gibbons, John Bulsza, has also confirmed the pro-lifers arrest to LifeSiteNews. 

According to Bulsza, Gibbons had arrived onsite at 7 a.m. local time, holding a sign that read, “Why Mom? When I have so much love to give?”  

Following her 10 a.m. arrest, Bulsza said Gibbons was taken to Toronto Police Division 53 police station, where she is still being held.  

“They are going to strip search her,” Bulsza told LifeSiteNews, explaining the processing procedure. Bulsza added that he does not know at this time what she has been charged with, but he suspects it will be related to Ontario’s 2018 Safe Access to Abortion Services Act, which prohibits any pro-life activity, including praying, sidewalk counseling, and showing “disapproval” of abortion, within 50 meters of Ontario’s eight abortion facilities.

Bulsza told LifeSiteNews that it is possible Gibbons will be released, but that one thing she will not do is sign any form promising to stay away from abortion mills upon her release. As such, Bulsza told LifeSiteNews that this will likely mean she will stay behind bars longer.  

This story is developing…

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