Fauci claims unvaccinated Americans may be ‘responsible’ for additional 200-300k deaths – LifeSite

(LifeSiteNews) — During his Monday appearance at the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, disgraced Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that Americans who refused the abortion-tainted COVID shot were likely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of their fellow citizens.

Monday was Fauci’s first public testimony on Capitol Hill since he resigned his post in 2022. At one point, he was told by Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene that he deserves to be in jail for committing “crimes against humanity.”

Fauci made his allegation after Democrat Rep. Robert Garcia of California asked him if Americans should “listen to America’s brightest and best doctors and scientists, or instead listen to podcasters conspiracy theorists and unhinged Facebook memes.”

Garcia did not provide specific names of those who he had in mind.

Fauci responded by arguing that listening to podcasters and others will result in people being harmed because “they will deprive themselves of life-saving interventions.”

LifeSite has documented the many negative side effects and adverse reactions not only Americans but people across the world have suffered from the Big Pharma-backed COVID jab, which has been linked to sudden death, myocarditis, pregnancy complications, and blood clots, among scores of other ailments.

Fauci then claimed that “some” people “have done studies” on the impact the unvaccinated had on others.

“Peter Hotez has done an analysis of this and shows that in people who refuse to get vaccinated for any variety of reasons,” he stated. They are “probably responsible for an additional 200,000 to 300,000 deaths in this country.”

It is not clear which “analysis” Hotez conducted that Fauci was referring to.

Hotez is a propagandist for Big Pharma. In a video released on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) X account in December 2022, Hotez claimed that “anti-vaccine activism” is “anti-science aggression.”

Hotez currently serves as the Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development in Houston. In June 2023, he accused Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and podcaster Joe Rogan of spreading “vaccine misinformation.” Rogan invited Hotez to debate RFK on his show and offered to donate $100,000 to the charity of Hotez’s choice. X owner Elon Musk chimed in as well, saying that Hotez is “afraid of a public debate, because he knows he’s wrong.” Hotez is yet to accept Rogan’s offer.

Asked by Republican Chairman Brad Wenstrup of Ohio about the effectiveness of the jab, Fauci admitted it was a “complicated issue,” confessing that what “became evident as the months went by, is that the durability of protection, against infection and hence transmission was relatively limited.”

LifeSite previously reported on Fauci’s closed door testimony to the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic in January. His comments shockingly revealed that he essentially had zero scientific evidence to support his recommendations.

“It sort of just appeared,” he said, when asked about where the six-foot social distancing ban came from. “I was not aware of studies” on that, he added. It was “an empiric decision that wasn’t based on data.”

Fauci shifted blame for those remarks Monday by alleging that the Centers for Disease Control came up with guidelines.

“It had little to do with me since I didn’t make the recommendation and my saying ‘there was no science behind it’ meant there was no clinical trial behind that,” he said.

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