CeCe Winans’ Newest Record Shoots to Number One After Sold-Out Tour

NASHVILLE – This has been a busy year for the most awarded gospel artist of our time. CeCe Winans has been on tour, held a women’s conference, and released a new album. And her recent performance of a worship song on American Idol immediately went viral. All of this comes on the heels of her sold-out tour.

“We had a wonderful tour, 24 cities. Before we started, I got on social media and I said I need everybody to pray for me. And they did. But it was so powerful. Every night was just spectacular to me. Really. Every night,” she told CBN News.
With the tour comes new music. Her new album called “More Than This” debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts. She shared her thoughts on the debut with CBN News.

“I am humbled by it. I’m excited. I feel like we have created something that people are going to embrace. And it is more than entertainment. It is something that will minister to the hearts of the people,” CeCe said. “When you listen to this record, to me the highlight is when the audience is singing. I just felt like this must be the closest thing to heaven, these voices.”

This is the second Live recording album for CeCe. Her first one was called “Believe for It” and has since garnered more than half a billion U.S. streams in 2023, along with 2 billion impressions on YouTube. She told CBN News her process for the album.

“When we recorded ‘Believe for It.’ We prayed. We always prayed. But during the pandemic, it was such a desperation of needing God’s anointing to rest on that project, for His Spirit to rest on that project, so that when people heard it… A lot of people were in isolation. A lot of people couldn’t go to church. People were fighting for their lives, literally. Losing loved ones, and so, that was just our cry to God,” she told CBN News. 

“When we recorded this record, ‘More Than This,’ and we were on the phone with the team, they were telling me that ‘Believe for It’ was getting its best number since it’s been out and it’s been 3 years, over 3 years. And I was like, ‘to God be the glory.’ He continues to amaze us. I love it when God does that, nobody can take credit for. We’ve all worked as a team. The record label, management. We’ve all worked hard to make things happen to come up with this offering to give to God. But then when He touches it, He does it in such way where it’s like, we had nothing to do with that. And so that is what ‘Believe for It’ is doing.” 

Aside from the new album, CeCe is enjoying family and is looking forward to celebrating her milestone birthday later this year.

“This year, 60 years old. Yes, I am so excited. You know what I have gone from, I am going to have big plans to no, I don’t know. Sixty is kind of creeping in, where big plans to me is looking, sitting in front of an ocean on the beach, chilling out with my husband. So, I haven’t made any plans yet. It’s October 8th. But 60 I can’t believe it. But it’s here. And I am excited about it, yeah,” she said.

“This year, my husband and I, we will be married 40 years, and I still like the guy. He’s still my number one guy. And I will be turning 60 years old. I have 3 grandbabies. And I am grateful. I am very grateful,” she continued.

CeCe’s latest album “More Than This” is available wherever you stream your music.

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