Trump’s TikTok Debut: UFC Video Aims to Capture Young Voter Base – American Faith

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, Donald Trump intends to use the popular app TikTok to post a series of short-form videos aimed at young men that will target them with messages about inflation and other economic issues. Two campaign advisers revealed this to Reuters, providing the first look at the Republican nominee’s approach to the platform.

Trump debuted on TikTok on Saturday, sharing a video from a mixed martial arts match presented by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It highlighted his campaign’s efforts to win over young voters, especially guys who make up the majority of UFC supporters.

Tens of millions of people watched the 13-second video. The clip, which shows him interacting with UFC fans, gained tens of millions of views in no time, solidifying Trump’s influence on the Chinese-owned platform that he had previously attempted to have banned from the presidency. Trump had 5.8 million likes and 5.5 million followers on the app as of Wednesday.

Legislation that prohibits TikTok in the United States unless ByteDance divests was signed into law in April by Democratic President Joe Biden, who is set to challenge Trump in the election on November 5.

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