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BALTIMORE (LifeSiteNews) – Two stillborn babies were delivered and abandoned on the same Baltimore bus over the weekend, according to local media and law enforcement.

Fox 5 reported that Baltimore police first responded to a call at 12:39 p.m. Saturday, June 1 from a bus driver who had discovered a dead fetus on a bus seat. Two days later, police announced the discovery of a second dead baby on the same bus but declined to release specifics.

The Baltimore Medical Examiner’s Office took custody of the bodies for study, and the Baltimore homicide unit is investigating, although the Baltimore Sun noted that the case is considered a “questionable death” investigation at this time and not yet officially a homicide. WBAL added that the ME’s office says both babies were stillborn.

“Something told me, ‘Look at that again.’ I looked at it again and saw what it is, and I could tell you what went through my mind, but it probably wouldn’t be good for the TV,” the bus driver, Eric Carver, told WBAL. “That was the first thing that came to my mind, not, ‘Lock her up.’ She needs help. She’s in distress. She’s in shock. There’s absolutely no way that she could have that happen and not need help.”

“The concern I have for this individual is what happened to the afterbirth of the placentas? If they delivered, great. She probably is OK. If they didn’t, having a retained placenta can be really problematic. That can lead to bleeding or infection, which can be deadly,” Dr. Robert Atlas, chairman of Mercy Medical Center’s OB/GYN department, told the news outlet.

While nothing is yet known about the mother or mothers involved, the incident happened in the far-left city in Maryland, a pro-abortion state with “expanded” access to abortion, including guaranteed public funding and insurance coverage, according to the pro-abortion Center for Reproductive Rights. Groups like CRR commonly argue that abortion must be allowed to prevent women from resorting to such drastic measures as what just happened in Baltimore.

What Maryland does not have, however, are Safe Haven Baby Boxes where mothers can safely and anonymously surrender newborns to qualified caregivers standing by to render immediate aid. 

Maryland law does have provisions for mothers to anonymously relinquish unwanted children at hospitals or police stations up to 10 days after birth, but the National Safe Haven Alliance says the state falls short of their standards, which include letting babies be handed over at least 30 days after birth and an expanded range of approved safe haven locations.

More information about Safe Haven Baby Boxes, including their exact locations across America, can be found at the organization’s website. More information about safe haven laws, resources, and other types of safe haven locations can be found at the website of the National Safe Haven Alliance.

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