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If someone asked, “Do you love your life?”, what would you say? Most people would say no, they don’t love their life. But as believers in Christ, we can learn to love the life we have.

I know what it’s like to have a miserable life, but I also know how wonderful it is to live with God’s peace and joy. I remember when God spoke to my heart and said, “You’re not happy because you’re selfish.” It was hard to hear, but facing that truth helped me surrender my will to God so He could begin working in me to help me make the changes I needed to make.

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The key to loving my life, I found, is making God’s love its central theme. God is love. It’s not just what He does, but who He is. He loves us unconditionally, and when we believe that, it changes us, making us confident and secure.

Knowing you are loved gives you courage and boldness to step out and try new things, so you don’t remain stuck with a negative attitude about life in general or trapped in a situation you hate. It gives you the security that allows you to confront unhealthy relationships, knowing you’ll be OK—and even better than before—no matter how things turn out.

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Here’s how God’s love works on our behalf: We receive His love for us; then we see ourselves the way He does and love ourselves in a healthy way; and finally, we let His love flow through us to others.

Our goal is to take in the good things God offers us, then go out in the world and give to others what He has given us. God wants to give us His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness, and He expects us to allow those things to flow through us to everyone in our world.

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