Good Faith Media: Thriving to the Future

The Good Faith Media (GFM) Governing Board recently approved a new strategic plan titled “Thriving Towards the Future.” As we approach GFM’s fifth anniversary in 2025, this plan is a significant leap towards realizing our shared vision, leveraging GFM’s passions, expertise and collaborative spirit. It is a roadmap to an exciting and prosperous future.  

Under the board’s directive in 2023, the entire GFM team, from staff to board members, united their efforts, meticulously collected data, analyzed information and constructed a new strategic plan. This plan, a testament to our collective dedication, was designed to have the maximum impact, ensuring a financially stable future for GFM.

GFM’s new vision statement reads: Good Faith Media’s vision is to be a reliable and trusted resource contributing to conversations at the intersection of faith and culture using multiple media platforms.

To accomplish this vision, the board adopted the following mission statement: “Good Faith Media’s mission is to amplify freedom, inclusivity, and justice for people and partners utilizing multiple media platforms as a catalyst to produce and publish thoughtful, engaging, and inspiring content.

Good Faith Media will now offer four significant services and products: (1) Digital News and Opinion, (2) Media Productions, (3) Good Faith Magazine, and (4) Book Publishing. The board and staff believe these four services and products will enable GFM to stay laser-focused, implement our new mission, and achieve our new vision.  

Digital News and Opinion will continue to provide fresh columns five days a week at GFM staff, contributing correspondents, and volunteer writers worldwide will publish informative news stories and thought-provoking editorials while introducing readers to inspiring people who do remarkable things to bring about inclusivity, justice, and freedom.

Media Productions will increase productivity by adding a new associate media producer.  GFM will continue producing free content by providing podcasts, video interviews, and topical series dedicated to an inclusive and just gospel.  Over the first four years, GFM has seen an increase in partners contacting us about our video and podcast services. Partnering with organizations like Lott Carey, Native American Law Alliance and Free Mom Hugs, GFM has helped create extraordinary content for thousands of listeners and viewers.  

Nurturing Faith Journal is set to embark on an exciting transformation in 2025.  The journal, a cornerstone of our work, will undergo a complete makeover, starting with a new name. “Nurturing Faith” will be reborn as “Good Faith Magazine,” a change that opens up new horizons for our team and readers, promising a future filled with fresh perspectives and engaging content.  

The periodical has undergone a name change before. The magazine began as “SBC Today” before changing to “Baptists Today.”  Later, committed to the ecumenical movement, “Baptists Today” became “Nurturing Faith.” The new name, “Good Faith Magazine,” will celebrate our past while casting our gaze toward the future.

Besides the name change, “Good Faith Magazine” will be published four times annually instead of the previous six.  Senior editor Craig Nash is already planning some remarkable series and new Bible studies beginning with the January-March issue.  Readers will continue to benefit from incredible columns and inspiring Bible study lessons.

The final piece of the transformation will begin in 2025. “Good Faith Magazine will become a free resource for individuals donating $50 or more annually. These donors will receive each of the four issues for a year. For current individual subscribers, we will honor those subscriptions into 2025 (for one-year subscribers) and 2026 (for two-year subscribers). Churches will continue with a subscription-based model since many use the magazine as their primary Bible study resource. The church group and bulk subscriptions will remain at the same price point.  

Finally, Good Faith Media will continue publishing books under the Nurturing Faith imprint.  With over 200 books published, GFM will strengthen our existing partnership with FaithLab to bring more page-turning books authored by some remarkable authors to the marketplace. If you are interested in publishing with GFM, please contact us.

GFM’s new “Thriving Towards the Future” strategy is an exciting moment in the organization’s life.  Between GFM’s staff and board of directors, we invite you to be a part of this momentous occasion. By making a

CEO of Good Faith Media.

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