Ukraine’s push on border integrity

Perhaps no other national leader has traveled the world over the past year as often as Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine. Most of his trips have been to corridors of traditional power, such as a NATO summit, to drum up war supplies or money to help defeat Russia’s military. Lately, his mission has gone deeper and wider.

The former TV star has taken to talking over the heads of diplomats and directly to people everywhere, often through journalists or social media. His goal: rebuild the grassroots consensus on the territorial integrity of all countries. It is a cause he sees akin to ensuring the integrity of rights and liberties for each individual.

Without the restoration of a global norm for the sovereignty of national borders, Ukraine may not win the war. Too many countries either support Russia’s violation of that norm or remain outwardly indifferent to it. Mr. Zelenskyy finds himself on the front lines of a war for public opinion.

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