Bringing Rebuilding Trust to a close

Today, we close our Rebuilding Trust project.

During the past four months, we’ve taken you to a town in France trying to piece itself together after a horrific crime.

To a community in Washington state finding that things as simple as gathering trash can help soften partisan lines.

Why We Wrote This

A story focused on

Today, The Christian Science Monitor ends its four-month-long Rebuilding Trust project. Along the way, we explored why trust is so essential to progress.

And to climate scientists’ struggle to discover where trust in their work begins.

Since Feb. 1, we’ve published 59 trust stories and 16 editorials, including five cover stories for the Monitor Weekly, five “Why We Wrote This” podcast episodes, and one online event with author Alexandra Hudson (see above). 

Of course, we’ll continue to publish stories about trust, but we’re interested in your feedback on the project – what you appreciated, and what can be improved. We hope we were able to dive beneath the surface to show why trust is so essential to human progress, whether in war or in politics or even at the local animal shelter

You can find all the stories from the project here.

Please let me know how we did at [email protected]

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