Company Harms Environment in the Name of Renewable Energy

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As companies work to make our energy grid greener, they are harming the environment and even endangered species in the process.

From Fox News. California-based renewable energy company plans to clear thousands of protected Joshua trees in the Mojave Desert to make way for a solar project that will generate electricity for nearly 180,000 homes in coastal neighborhoods instead of the impacted communities, according to reports.

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The Los Angeles Times reported that the company, Avantus, is planning to build the Aratina Solar Project on 2,300 acres near Boron and Desert Lake, California, two towns in Kern County.

Residents of the poverty-stricken towns are angered by the project, not just because of the construction dust, but also because the land where the solar facility will be located is home to endangered desert tortoises. …

“Let’s destroy the environment to save the environment. That seems to be the mentality,” Deric English, a teacher at Boron Junior-Senior High School told the LA Times. “It’s hard to comprehend.”

California’s efforts to establish and generate clean energy are surrounded by controversy, as is the case with the Aratina project, which highlights the trade-offs state and local officials are willing to make in their quest.

In order to develop solar and wind fields that will be used to cut back on greenhouse gases and slow down climate change, projects like Aratina involve the destruction of undeveloped land and harming wildlife and endangered plants. …

Still, the company addresses how the project will impact Joshua trees in the area, on its website.

“Avantus is working to preserve native Mojave plants like Joshua Trees while also preserving California’s ability to achieve its clean energy goals – and the economic and climate benefits that come with them,” the company said. “While trees will be impacted during project construction, vastly more Joshua Trees are being threatened by climate change caused by rising greenhouse gas emissions, which the Aratina solar project directly addresses.”

Avantus told Fox News Digital the Aratina Solar Center will generate clean, reliable electricity to help California meet its clean energy goals and also fight rising temperatures threatening species and ecosystems across the state. …

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(Excerpt from Fox News. Photo Credit: Mil Amirian on Unsplash)

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