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We are only one week into the month of June, and this year has seen much more pushback against the radical Marxists who coopted the first month of summer than in years past.

One business owner, Mark Fitzpatrick of the Old State Saloon in Idaho, spoke with Fox News Digital and explained he never expected such a wide and positive reaction to his now viral “Heterosexual Awesomeness Month” celebration.

“I was thinking of a way that we could celebrate the other side of sexuality, heterosexuality, the way God designed it. And that’s kind of where I’m at with people that support us and are like-minded. So we decided to do Heterosexual Awesomeness Month and then launched it and boy, oh boy, did it take off,” Fitzpatrick recalls.

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This celebration brought with it discounts and free beverages for heterosexual men, women and couples throughout the month of June.

Cue the expected vitriolic response from the deranged Left who abide by the “rules for thee, but not for me” mantra. Fitzpatrick said the negativity sent his way was far outmatched by waves of support he received from around the country.

“We’ve had a whole bunch of people come in, in person into our saloon. We’ve had people driving way out of their way. We had a couple come in, they drove 400 miles out of their way on their trip across the country yesterday…and other people have said they’re going to fly in from out of state. Other people said next time they’re in the state, they’re going to stop by and support us,” Fitzpatrick says.

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Like many others around the world, Fitzpatrick finally became fed up with the constant shoving of “Pride month” in peoples’ faces in every aspect of society, and not just in the month of June, but year-round.

“I’m Christian. I follow what the Bible says. I love people. I love all types of people and everything. But when you love people, it doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily get behind everything they decide to do. And especially with the way things have been going the last few years, as far as how extreme it gets in June,” Fitzpatrick asserts.

“I’m not just going to sit there and do nothing anymore. I’m going to be involved. I’m going to be rallying people to help do the right thing, celebrate godly things. And I think the rest of the country should do that,” he adds.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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