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(LifeSiteNews) — A video of the largest Sacred Heart flag in the world went viral on social media this week., which sold the 30 feet tall by 50 feet wide flag to Bavarian Waste in Walton, Kentucky, collected footage of the event on a drone. Popular website Sensus Fidelium then uploaded the video to its YouTube account.

On Thursday, June 6, I spoke with the owner of Bavarian to learn about his Catholic faith and what compelled him to purchase the flag in the first place.

James Brueggemann is 64 years old. His family has operated Bavarian since 1901. Initially a trucking operation, it survived the Great Depression and evolved from a freight hauling business into a waste disposal company.

“Jim” currently runs the 63-person company as its president. Seven of his eight sons work for him in various capacities, as do many Catholics who live near Walton, which is about 25 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Our core mission at Bavarian, a fifth-generation family business, is to promote the reign of Christ the King throughout society,” their website reads. “By our dedication to serving God and country, we keep the best interests of our employees, our customers, and our community at heart in our waste disposal and landfill operations.”

Among other things, Bavarian provides dumpsters and has contracts with commercial as well as residential properties. Brueggemann explained that he wanted to erect the flag on company property to commemorate June as the month of the Sacred Heart. He said he plans on updating the flag each month as part of a new tradition.

On Friday, May 31, more than 600 Catholics attended the ceremony, which featured fireworks and food. It was overseen by Fr. Stephen Stanich, who serves as the prior at the nearby Our Lady of the Assumption Church. The church is operated by the Traditionalist Priestly Society of St. Pius X. More than five priests are assigned to the chapel, where they teach and offer multiple daily Masses.

Stanich blessed the flag and rededicated the company to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The first time that occurred was in 1990 under Jim’s dad, Bernie. When you visit Bavarian’s website, a pop-up ad appears explaining that “the Sacred Heart of Jesus symbolizes His infinite love and mercy towards humanity.”

Brueggemann explained that thousands of Catholic families have moved to the area in recent years, causing a housing boom and prompting the church to launch a $40 million fundraising campaign to expand its K-12 boys’ school. An SSPX-affiliated teaching order of Dominican nuns operate an all-female academy across the street. A groundbreaking for the project was held last week. Click here to learn more.

Brueggemann is optimistic the school will meet its goal and that Bavarian will continue to serve the needs of the Walton area under the protection of the Sacred Heart.

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