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Carl Lentz: ‘I’m Not a Disgraced Pastor’

Carl and Laura Lentz’s self-imposed isolation from the public eye is now officially over, as they have launched their new podcast, “Lights On” and are starting it off talking about their journey thus far.

A lot has been thrown at the couple over the last few years—some warranted, some not—but one thing that Carl Lentz addressed in their very first episode is this: he is not a disgraced pastor.

“Every headline, typically would say, ‘disgraced, disgraced pastor,’ or ‘pastor falls from grace, falls from grace, disgraced pastor,’” Lentz recalls. “What’s funny about that is, God bless those people, they don’t understand grace. Because you can’t fall from grace. You fall into grace.

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‘Trump Guilty’: What Could God Be Teaching the Church?

We don’t always understand why some things happen, but we know God is sovereign. 

Putting the blatant inconsistencies of the Left aside—such as if former President Donald Trump were a Democrat, none of this would be happening, to ignoring the Epstein list and the Biden family criminal allegations (all of which are worse than Trump’s charges)—God allowed this guilty verdict to happen, but why? Here are three possible reasons:

1. We reap what we sow.

Actions have consequences. As with all of us, Trump’s choices made earlier in his life have consequences that have exposed dealings in his past. But the Banana Republic of America is acting just like the Pharisees Jesus criticized when he said, “Blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel!” (Matt. 23:24, NASB). He was criticizing them because they focused on unimportant details while ignoring the truly important things.  

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Tucker Carlson: Demons Are Here but Revival Is Coming

There is a change happening in American society, and conservative voice Tucker Carlson believes this shift starts in the spiritual realm.

Many have been surprised at the topical change in Carlson since his ousting from Fox News, from his America First stance and rumors of a potential position in the Trump administration should Donald Trump be elected president again, to his unexpected attacks on Israel in the midst of the Gaza War.

Yet in recent months, Carlson has been pointing his audience to the spiritual as a root cause to the evil that we are witnessing around the world, and this evil holds an anti-human agenda.

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