Are You a Life-Giver?

Such refreshment comes from an unselfish heart that is genuinely more interested in others than themselves. That is so concerned for the purposes of God and the needs of others that they hardly ever think about themselves at all. And it is a deliberate choice, a consciousness that our lives, words, and demeanor affect those around us.

For they have refreshed my spirit and yours. (1 Corinthians 16:18)

You love to see them coming. There are some people that are simply refreshing to your spirit. They bring joy, encouragement, wisdom, and spiritual perspective. To be around them is to be energized and helped. They carry the life-giving fragrance of Christ.

There are others, however, who seem to have (as one man said) the “spiritual gift of deflation.” “The mouth speaks of that which fills the heart,” Jesus said. You cannot be a refreshment to others if you are not filled with refreshment yourself. A heart filled with the Holy Spirit is the key to producing the fruit…

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