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(LifeSiteNews) –– American comedian and actor Rob Schneider, who recently converted to Catholicism, was booted from the stage prematurely while performing at a Canadian hospital charity function after he allegedly joked about COVID vaccines as well as people who are LGBT. 

Schneider, who has been a vocal opponent to both the COVID shots and lockdowns, was asked last year to perform at the Hospitals of Regina Foundation charity function held on June 1.  

According to a statement released by the Foundation, in the middle of his June 1 stand-up set, Schneider was abruptly asked to end his act early because his routine did “not align with the values of our Foundation and team.”  

“While we recognize that in a free and democratic society individuals are entitled to their views and opinions and that comedy is intended to be edgy, the content, positions and opinions expressed during Mr. Schneider’s set to not align with the values of our Foundation and team,” said the Foundation’s in a statement sent to media. 

“We do not condone, accept or share Mr. Schneider’s positions, as expressed during his comedy set and acknowledged that in this instance the performance did not meet the expectations of our team.”  

According to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation report, Schneider left the stage as soon as he was asked to.  

LifeSiteNews reached out to Schneider to ask him to provide more detail as to what happened at the event, as well as what jokes he thought got him kicked off the stage. As of press time, LifeSiteNews has not been able to get a response from him or his agent, but if there is a reply, it will be noted later.  

As for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, it said it will not provide any additional comment to media regarding the matter.  

According to the CBC report, Schneider’s jokes were “transphobic,” “misogynistic” and of an “anti-vax” nature, which it claimed caused some in attendance to “groan.”  

The Foundation has scrubbed its website of all references to Schneider’s links to the event.  

Schneider is well known for his time as a popular cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1994. He is to this day still good friends with well-known Hollywood actor Adam Sandler. 

Schneider, who announced he had converted to Catholicism last November, has long expressed his vehement opposition to draconian COVID-19 lockdowns and mask mandates. He has also spoke out against various aspects of gender ideology, including the so-called “transitioning” of children.

Regarding his conversion, Schneider cited his realization that human life is fragile and that forgiving others as Christ forgives is integral to a healthy life among the things that drove him to the Catholic Church. 

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