Despite Polarization, Some Issues of Agreement Exist Between Biden and Trump Voters

A recent Pew Research Center report reveals wide gaps in beliefs about social issues between voters who intend to vote for Donald Trump and those who will support Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election. These differences of opinion largely center on gun ownership, race and gender.

Despite the stark differences, there are a number of issues on which the two groups find common ground. These areas of consensus are evident in discussions about destigmatizing mental health, reservations about the role of artificial intelligence in daily life, and the need for public discourse to encompass both the nation’s achievements and shortcomings.

When it comes to the topic of mental health and well-being, a staggering 94% of Biden supporters and a significant 79% of Trump supporters are in agreement that more open discussions are beneficial for society. In contrast, a mere 1% of Biden supporters and 6% of Trump supporters hold the view that such conversations are detrimental.

More than half (55%) of all voters believe the use of artificial intelligence in daily life is bad for society, with only a marginal difference between Trump (59%) and Biden (51%) supporters.

Regarding public conversations about the nation’s strengths, almost an equal number of Trump voters (74%) and Biden voters (71%) believe this is important. However, there is a wider gap between the two groups regarding discussions regarding the country’s failures and flaws. Biden voters (78%) are more likely than Trump voters (60%) to believe this is important.

The results were part of Pew’s “American Trends Survey,” which asked voters questions about a wide array of cultural issues. More information on the survey, including its methodology, can be found here

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