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(LifeSiteNews) — The following is a statement from Will Goodman, one of the “D.C. Nine” pro-lifer rescuers, who was prosecuted by the Biden administration and sentenced by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly to 27 months in prison for a peaceful pro-life rescue at a late-term abortion facility in Washington, D.C. Goodman has been incarcerated in the Alexandria Detention Center in Alexandria, Virginia, for almost nine months.

Following our respective sentencing hearings, my attorney has explained that U.S. marshals can come to my current “detention center” in Virginia and snatch me up at any time, unannounced, to take me off to a federal prison without even telling me where I am going. We will each find out only after arriving at the final destination.

As I head into the federal prison transit system, get registered with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, give my DNA, endure strip searches, and get sent off to different gulags, I realize how helpless I am in the face of a huge government bureaucracy. I don’t know where I’m going or what will happen to me or when I will finally arrive at whichever prison they are sending me. 

In this uncontrolled environment, I can’t help but think of our preborn sisters and brothers who live in danger today. They get moved here and there. They are helpless. They have no say in what will happen to them. They don’t know if good or evil will befall them. If taken to an abortion mill to be dismembered, they can’t see the terror that is coming. 

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We rescuers in the U.S. prison system maze have it a million times easier than these poor little ones. They are facing death. Poisoning. Dismemberment. Excruciating pain. Cruelty. Total rejection from the government bureaucracy. 

Their torn bodies will end up in sewers or industrial incinerators – which hide in nightly smoke the horrible truth of an American Holocaust. 

In some ways, going to prison seems oddly fitting while living in a nation supporting an ongoing holocaust of innocents that has claimed the lives of over 65 million babies.

Their torn bodies will end up in sewers or industrial incinerators – which hide in nightly smoke the horrible truth of an American Holocaust. 

In times past, when the Church has directly resisted evil, there have followed unjust arrests, imprisonment, and even death. 

But grave evil always requires direct resistance. 

We rescuers are honored to be witnesses against the holocaust of our time. We’re blessed to resist evil every day we are in custody. In chains, we pray for our nation. Hidden in the modern gulags, we pray for an end to this holocaust. 

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Today, June 6, is the 80th anniversary of the storming of Omaha Beach in Normandy on the historic battle of D-Day. Men ran into the machine gun and mortar fire, not away. They risked their lives and lost their lives because good must triumph over evil. And any crucial triumph demands more than sentiments and fine words, it demands action. 

I reflect upon the importance of this day and the amazing courage shown by those men. They made huge personal sacrifices to fight an army whose philosophy was guided by a vicious lie that some human beings are not fully human and are thus disposable. 

These reflections today are made from within a jail cell near our nation’s capital, a mere stone’s throw away from the World War II Memorial. In some ways, I feel like a POW in my own nation because I took just action to peacefully defend innocent lives being killed in a most barbaric way at a late-term abortion mill in D.C. This killing center operates on the same lie held by the Nazis and Communists, viz, that some human beings are not human and are disposable. 

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I joined others in a nonviolent rescue operation to help pregnant women and their children because sentiments and fine words are not sufficient on their own. An active witness to the truth must confirm such loving sentiments and important words. 

My reason for rescuing is simple: God made men to protect women and children. We were not made to sit back and watch them die. We are called to be soldiers who fight evil. This evil, our culture of death, is a spiritual evil, so we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against evil spiritual powers. (cf. Eph 6:12) 

Our weapon is the Holy Cross. 

Eighty years ago today, men laid down their lives at Normandy to defeat a culture of death in Europe. We need men today who will be spiritual warriors willing to lay down their lives to defeat a spiritual evil that kills babies in the womb and hurts mothers. This is simply what men do. 

+AMDG, Will

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