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SBC to Vote on the Removal of Churches With Female Pastors

The Southern Baptist Convention is ready to make their next move of removing female pastors for good.

The SBC’s annual meeting will commence next Tuesday and Wednesday, June 11-12. During this meeting, they will vote on if they want to amend the denomination’s constitution to remove churches with female pastors.

As the SBC has continued to tighten their rules and regulations on the role of women in the church, the final decision with this ongoing debate has been coming for a while.

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Pray for Elon Musk: X Goes Dark, Allows Pornography

This is the time that believers should be praying for Elon Musk.

Musk is one of the most powerful people in the world, but with that great influence also comes great responsibility.

Right now, one of the fatal flaws he’s made is allowing X to become an X-rated platform by allowing pornography onto the site.

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CDC Detains Plane, Quickly Quarantines Passengers After 25 Fall Sick Mid-Flight

Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight from Canada to Texas were “quarantined” on the runway after dozens of people fell suddenly ill during the flight.

A total of 25 passengers got sick mid-flight on Friday en route from Vancouver to Houston, exhibiting symptoms of nausea and discomfort, according to the Houston Fire Department.

Passenger James Snell told KPRC-TV that the passengers who were ill had all vacationed on the same Celebrity Cruises ship.

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