New Hampshire Teacher Fired After Taking Student To Abortion Clinic During School Hours – American Faith

A public school teacher in New Hampshire was fired after secretly taking a student to get an abortion during school hours, the state’s Department of Education reported.

“How should the Department respond when… allegedly, an educator lies by calling in sick so they can take a student – without parental knowledge – to get an abortion[?] Should we turn a blind eye?” Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut said.

According to the report, the teacher reportedly said they had food poisoning and called out of work sick. 

The teacher then “escorted a current student to a medical appointment during school day hours.”

“[T]hey had been conversing with the student for 2.5 weeks regarding the medical appointment,” the report said. “[The teacher] told the student to determine how far along they were (and assisted them) so the student knew what options they’d have available.” 

The teacher also helped find the facility so “they knew it was a safe facility” because “the student didn’t have anyone to support them.”

According to Planned Parenthood, New Hampshire law requires parents to be informed 48 hours before a minor seeks an abortion, unless otherwise instructed by a judge.

“Keeping secrets or going behind a parent’s back is never good public policy,” said Republican state lawmaker Tim Lang.

“It’s not good for the child, either. It teaches children, by the actions of ‘trusted adults,’ it’s OK to be deceptive, which is not creating good citizens for our future,” Lang continued.

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