Right-Wing Parties See Success in European Elections – American Faith

Several right-wing parties gained traction in recent European elections.

French President Emmanuel Macron was defeated by Marine Le Pen’s Nationalist Party, prompting him to announce new elections to take place later this month. Voters will head back to the polls to choose lawmakers for France’s National Assembly.

“The rise of nationalists and demagogues is a danger for our nation and for Europe,” Macron said. “After this day, I cannot go on as though nothing has happened.”

According to the Associated Press, Germany’s “far-right” Alternative for Germany party also gained ground during last weekend’s elections. The party is the country’s second-leading political group behind the center-right Union bloc.

Alternative for Germany secured 16.5% of the vote, up from its 11% support in 2019.

Italy’s Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, grew her right-wing Brothers of Italy base, taking 28.3% of the vote. When the party secured its victory in 2022, it had 26% of the vote.

Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, a liberal, announced his resignation following the success of the conservative-nationalist Eurosceptic New Flemish Alliance (NVA). Populist party Eurosceptic Vlaams Belang (VB) is the second-largest political entity in the country.

“The King has accepted my resignation,” De Croo wrote on X. “The government will manage current affairs and prepare the transition to a new team. I would like to sincerely thank our voters and militants.”

“The election results are a disappointment and I take responsibility for that,” he added.

Populist Nigel Farage is expected to shift the upcoming U.K. election as he recently announced that he will be leading the right-wing Reform UK party for a Parliamentary seat.

Farage will be standing as a candidate for Clacton-on-Sea to “make Britain great again.”

“So I’m back. I’m standing as a candidate in this election. I’ve taken the leadership over of Reform UK,” Farage said in a video. “You know why? I see our country going down the drain. I believe in Britain. These boring idiots that lead the Labour and Conservative parties are not worth the space.”

“Let’s make Britain great again.”

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