The Latest Smear against Pro-lifers

With the spread of anti-life propaganda, parents may increasingly become scared and confused into thinking that a D&C is the only safe approach, and pro-lifers are taking it away. This debate highlights the need for strong definitional clarity. Pro-choicers like Robinson are obfuscating with intent to smear the pro-life side by insistently using the word “abortion” for the removal of a dead body, foisting bizarre positions onto us that we would never hold. She ominously intones that “literally anything is possible” now when it comes to “women’s rights.” Pro-lifers had ushered in the Dark Ages all over again, apparently.

Texas-based radio host Ryan Hamilton has gone viral with the dramatic story of his wife’s recent miscarriage, igniting fierce debate over the definition of abortion, Texas state law, and pro-life legislation in general. According to Ryan’s account, they rushed to the emergency room as his wife was entering her second trimester, in pain and bleeding heavily. The doctor wrote a prescription to induce labor and sent them home, but they had to return for a second dose. As they waited, Ryan reports that he overheard their second doctor saying something shocking in the hallway: “I’m not giving her a pill so she can go home and have an abortion!” The doctor then came in and told them that given “the current stance,” he wouldn’t be prescribing the pill.

Ryan and his wife were able to obtain the medicine at a different hospital, which eventually did its work, though his wife fell unconscious in the process. He believes she should have immediately received a D&C (dilation and curettage) procedure to remove the child’s body in-hospital, and only Texas abortion law stood in the way. He ends his story with a scathing indictment of “staunch ‘pro-lifers.’”

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