Lebanon’s stirrings of peacemaking

For people as diverse and war-weary as those in Lebanon, words like dignity and peace have lately taken on real substance. An online campaign has picked up in recent days to prevent a full-scale conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy in southern Lebanon. In particular, digital activists are sharing the hashtag #LebanonDoesn’tWantWar – especially a war like that in Gaza.

The campaign went into high gear last week after Hezbollah threatened Cyprus if the island nation assists Israel’s military. Yet the deeper message for Hezbollah is a reminder that the terrorist group, as it’s been designated by the United States, still remains a political party. In fact, it’s the largest party in parliament, in a country hungry to restore its stagnant democracy as well as basic services. Here’s a sampling of the online salvos that might restrain Hezbollah from escalating its attack against Israel:

“Do you value the blood of the Lebanese in your decisions regarding the war?” wrote Nancy Nessrine Lakiss, a Lebanese journalist. “Justice must begin with our country first!”

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