U.S. Olympic Team Defies Climate Measures, Will Bring Air Conditioning Units to Paris – American Faith

The U.S. Olympic team has joined other countries in planning to bring air conditioning units to the Paris Olympics.

Other countries bringing AC units include Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada, and Great Britain.

U.S Olympics CEO Sarah Hirshland said, “We will have air conditioning in the rooms in the village. We have great respect for the work that’s been done by the Paris Organizing Committee in particular, and their focus on sustainability. And I know that there have been lots of questions around the consistency of that, coupled with the air conditioning.”

Hirshland explained that “this is a period of time in which consistency and predictability is critical for Team USA’s performance. In our conversations with athletes, this was a very high priority and something that the athletes felt was a critical component in their performance capability.”

Efforts are underway to cool rooms by channeling cold water through piping underneath the floors in the Olympic Village.

The Washington Post reported that many other countries are considering bringing AC units.

Despite efforts to cool down the rooms, Paris Mayor Anne Hildago stated that she wants the Olympic Games to be “exemplary from an environmental point of view.”

Fewer than 1 in 10 households in Europe have air conditioning, according to the International Energy Agency. The entire European Union has nearly 100 million AC units. In the United States, there are approximately 375 million AC units.

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