Prophetic Word: What to Expect From July Through January –

After the beginning of this year came with lots of twists and turns, you may be wondering what’s going to happen in the next half.

Pastor Mike Signorelli is sharing the latest prophetic word of what God has placed on his heart for what’s coming from July through January.

“We are in a time of turmoil. We are in a time of the refiner’s fire. We are in a time of adversity. We are in a time of the Judas kiss. We are in the time of backstabbing and betrayal. We are in the time of gossip and accusation,” Signorelli says.

Signorelli notes that this is the moment when many people may be feeling lonely and rejected. However, what has happened is because the Lord is putting His people through a refining fire to make them holy and righteous.

Signorelli says God is eliminating the influence of different voices and people from the lives of His chosen ones so that the Lord and the Lord alone can become the greatest voice in the lives of His sheep.

“This refiner’s fire is also the Lord’s way of bringing the last bit of impurities out of you. What does that mean? It means that He’s getting ready to debut you in 2025. But in order to debut you, He has to finish a longstanding process and that’s all right,” Signorelli says.

In order to finish out this refining process that is coming, Signorelli encourages believer to start praying in tongues more often to push back the flesh.

“You’ve got to begin to speak in the spirit. You have to prophesy. You have to begin to speak in tongues for edification because only your spirit man can collaborate with the Holy Spirit,” Signorelli says.

He also warns that what God is going to want you to do next is something your soul and flesh do not agree with.

“You’ll hear about wars and rumors of wars,” Signorelli says. “You’re going to hear about layoffs on your job, in the workplace, yes, it’s going to seem as if the prices increase and the buying power decreases, but again, this has to come to pass.”

As the growing process for believers continues to unfold, God is asking His people to embrace the transitional season.

“The Lord says ‘you’re not who you used to be, but you’re not who you’re going to be. But celebrate the transition,’” Signorelli prophesies. “I’m bringing you to maturity. Things that used to bother you aren’t going to bother you anymore. Things that used to affect you aren’t going to affect you anymore.”

While this transitional season is painful, Signorelli says it’s all a set up for 2025 and what is to follow.

“The Lord says, ‘I’m taking you into a time where you will get up there and you will stay up there,’” Signorelli says.

After this transitionary period, Signorelli says that those who trust fully in the Lord will indeed experience great peace and for many years.

“What I’m about to bring you into in 2025 will be a multi-year peace. The Lord says ‘you will have peace as your portion for multiple years,’” Signorelli says.

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