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America is in desperate need to wake up from the sins that are plaguing it. In a recent livestream, Isaiah Saldivar discussed the reality that the modern-day Christians in America must share their faith boldly and earnestly while running further away from sin and the grave.

“The call that God has for you, America, for His church, for this nation, is so much better than the plan that we have,” Saldivar says.

“We need a wakeup call in America. We need revival in America. We need a wakeup call in the American church,” Saldivar says.

“It’s not okay for us not to be sharing our faith with friends and family and co-workers,” he continues. “There’s a problem and it’s silent Christians. It’s Christians that don’t share their faith, that don’t stand up for God, that don’t proclaim the gospel, that don’t walk in the fire of God.”

“Who said Christians could not be radical?” Saldivar asks. “All the disciples were bold. All so bold that all of them were killed for their faith. All of them were martyred for their faith. John, they couldn’t even kill. They put him on the island of Patmos and he died on the island.”

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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