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(American Thinker) — Joe Biden spent a week at Camp David with sixteen premier “advisers” – that would be doctors and strategists.

They obviously put him through his paces, so much so that his voice was nearly gone. Bad planning on their part. But we can all be sure that by the end of the week, all those doctors and strategists knew that Biden was mentally gone, toast. They all knew he would perform badly against Trump and they still put him out there.

The only conclusion one can come to is that they did it on purpose. They want to replace him and they knew his debate performance would cinch the deal. Everyone would see how seriously Biden’s cognitive abilities have deteriorated. They set him up to fail, and fail he did.

Now, the question is, can they get him to step down voluntarily? Not likely; pseudo-doctor Jill will resist to the bitter end. What will the party do about Kamala Harris, the least qualified person to ever hold the office of vice president?

So, there is no question that letting this debate happen was a calculated move by the Democrats; let the world see how far gone the man is and we can replace him.

Everyone knows that the odious Gavin Newsom wants the job, but he is a truly loathsome character, the governor who has single-handedly destroyed California. People are leaving that state in droves for a host of obvious reasons – crime, homelessness, taxes and cultural nonsense. Transgenderism and the tyranny of the LGBT activists — in K-12 schools, in everything Hollywood produces for television and film – is driving Americans with any semblance of traditional values out of the state. Newsom is the last person who should replace Biden.  He would do to the nation what he has done to California.

Of course, Hillary Clinton is dying to take Biden’s place on the ticket, too. Does anyone on the planet think she would be a good choice?  Uh, no. She is as much of a criminal as Biden is.  Like most Democrats, however, she has gotten away with her numerous crimes for decades. The Clinton Foundation was a thoroughly corrupt, money-grubbing pay-to-play organization set up to make the Clintons almost as rich as the Pelosis. The Clintons did this by international grift, the Pelosis by insider trading.

Who will they select to replace Joe on the ticket? Kamala? Not likely but how do they get rid of her? The word is she will return to California and run for governor. As hopelessly unqualified as she is, she could win as the party apparatus in that state is as fraudulent as it is in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. If elected, she would only take California further down the drain of destructive Marxist politics. Will she fight to replace Biden on the ballot? We shall see. Does she know that she is a national joke, a figure of mockery?

Bottom line? Letting Biden show up for this debate was an act of sabotage by his own party. They have long known he has become a dangerous liability politically. They don’t care how much of a liability he is on the world stage but the American people do. He is a national security disaster. He has brought us to the brink of WWIII, albeit with help from American traitors/globalists Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Victoria Nuland, and probably Susan Rice, warmongers all.

Trump, on the other hand, was calm, cool and restrained. He responded with facts. He has not lost a step in the nine years we’ve known him as a politician. He kindly let go many of Biden’s outrageous lies and confusion about issues. Fact-checkers would take care of that. Only once did he reference Joe’s unintelligible gibberish.

When Biden brought up the “fine people” hoax, Jake Tapper should have corrected him for he is on the record noting that it was a lie. But he didn’t.

Trump let that go as well. Knowing this debate was not going to change any minds among his base, he let many of Joe’s lies go unchallenged. He surely knew by that point in the debate that Biden was digging his own grave.

Biden was and remains an illegitimate president, installed after a proven stolen election. (The courts that Biden says looked at the claims never actually looked at the evidence.)

The Democrats didn’t want Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as their nominee so they settled for Biden, a known racist, pathological liar, and plagiarist whose family operated as a criminal enterprise.

Sure, he’s been easily manipulated by Iran, Hamas, Zelensky, etc. but it is doubtful those Democrats who pushed him as the candidate, like James Clyburn, knew how very disastrous his presidency would be. Now they know, even if he did their bidding. Those who spent the week with him had to know he could not and would not perform well and they put him out there anyway. Rather than let him embarrass himself on the world stage, there should have been a better way to remove him from the ticket.

This was sabotage. The Democrats have no compunctions about throwing one of their own under a fleet of buses.

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