Foreign Diplomats Shocked at Biden’s Performance During Presidential Debate – American Faith

Foreign diplomats reportedly expressed “shock” surrounding President Joe Biden’s performance during the presidential debate this week.

“It is a sad reality that Biden is old, and he is getting older,” one European diplomat said.

“We saw it. I had difficulties understanding what he was saying, and I understand English pretty well.”

Another said it was a “bad night for Biden.”

“Trump ate him alive,” an Arab diplomat said.

“I was shell-shocked. I could not believe my eyes,” an Asian diplomat reiterated.

CNN was criticized for its moderating strategy following the date, especially for not providing real-time fact-checking during the event.

Trump asserted several points during the discussion on issues including the economy, veterans’ care, and his involvement in the January 6, 2021, events in the Capitol.

Biden, meanwhile, found it difficult to refute these assertions. 

Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah criticized the lack of immediate fact-checks, calling it “disturbing.”

“This is how democracy and norms get eroded,” Attiah wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Fact-checking and preparedness are part of the safeguards to keep people in power accountable.”

David Chalian, CNN’s political director, defended the decision to minimize interruptions.

“Obviously, if there is some egregious fact that needs to be checked or the record needs to be made clear, Jake and Dana can do that,” Chalian told The Associated Press. “But that’s not their role. They are not here to participate in this debate. They are here to facilitate a debate between Trump and Biden.”

Chalian also mentioned to The New York Times that a live debate “is not the ideal arena for live fact-checking.”

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