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Another monolith has appeared on a dairy farm in Colorado.

In Bellvue, Colorado, Howling Cow Café and Morning Fresh Dairy Farm owner Lori Graves has been adapting to one of the wildest additions in town: a mysterious monolith discovered on her property.

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Speaking with local outlet, KDVR, Graves says, “It was Sunday morning…when someone came into the café and said, ‘Where is the monolith? Where is the alien monolith?’”

On the Howling Cow Café Instagram page, images of the structure showcase its massive size.

“This just landed @Howling Cow Café,” the post reads. “‘What might this be?’ is the question of the week here at the café as many come in to ask about this mysterious structure. A monolith, sculpture, local artist or aliens…we don’t know?!”

The monolith stands high, erected on top of a hill and can be seen from far away. USA TODAY shared that the monolith is about 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. While Graves is uncertain of how the monolith got there, her restaurant has utilized this opportunity to have some fun with their menu, with items like “monolith mocha” and “cow abduction” orange juice shakes.

This comes as the National UFO Reporting Center reported possible sightings at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver, Colorado.

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As The Blaze reported, 12 employees there say they were cleaning up the grounds following a concert by country artist Ian Munsick when they “spotted a dark metallic disk appear in the sky.”

An unnamed employee stated in the UFO report: “This was not a plane. It wasn’t a satellite, a drone or anything like that,” the document said. “There was no mistaking what this was: We all saw a giant disc shaped craft hovering a few hundred feet above the ground with three rows of windows and lights.”

While we don’t have one explanation for these two strange Colorado occurrences, what we can know is that Jesus is still well and alive, and He is not a God of confusion, but of a sound mind. Therefore, let’s not become confused or deceived by anything we see happening in the world around us. Instead, let’s stick close to the Word of God.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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