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(LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Joseph Strickland has denounced the Catholic hierarchy’s attempts to “alter basic teachings of the faith,” warning that complacency about this puts us “at risk of eternal damnation.”

In a Saturday X post, Bishop Strickland urged U.S. Catholics to make “critical decisions with immediate urgency,” regarding both support of President Joe Biden and obedience to a heterodox and “corrupt” hierarchy.

The faithful bishop questioned whether Catholics can support a president who is aiming to “codify” abortion up until birth and has “been more a disastrous puppet than president.” “Many denounce the alternative but in the face of Biden corruption and senility IS there really any choice?” he added. Biden has indeed throughout his presidency demanded that Congress pass legislation to codify a “right” to abortion in federal law, which would forbid states from passing any law that not only prohibits abortion but would be “reasonably likely to delay or deter” abortions. 

It has also been frequently suggested that Biden is acting as a puppet for hidden governing forces, especially as he has demonstrated increasing cognitive decline.

Retired Col. Douglas Macgregor declared after his disastrous recent debate with Donald Trump, “It is now obvious that the governing power to determine our nation’s destiny lies in unelected hands.”

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Bishop Strickland also questioned whether Catholics can “obey a hierarchy that is deeply corrupt” and seeks to change “basic teachings of the faith,” adding, “We cannot be silent sheep in the face of devastating blasphemies against Our Lord and the Truth He Incarnates.”

The bishop has recently been critical of the Vatican for intentionally condoning sinful homosexual relationships through the document Fiducia Supplicans.

Noting that clergy “blessings” for homosexual “couples” given under the “authority” of Fiducia Supplicans have contradicted certain instructions in the document, Bishop Strickland has remarked, “Somebody’s lying.”

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“And for the faithful of the Church, for any of us to just roll over and say, ‘Well, they’re saying this but doing that and contradicting themselves,’ we don’t need to stand for it. We need to say, ‘Either your confusing further explanation of this document is not the truth, or this needs to be corrected,’ but it won’t be corrected because this really points out what their intention was: ‘We’ll lull people into a complacency, and then we’ll allow sin to be blessed,’” he told Terry Barber during a May episode of The Bishop Strickland Show.

Bishop Strickland also called out the Vatican for failing to proclaim the Gospel during its encounters with the secular world, such as during a recent Vatican-hosted “Be Human” event. He has gone so far as to accuse such bishops, cardinals, and priests who promote secular issues without insisting on the necessity of the Gospel as “false prophets.”

“It’s being a false prophet to say, ‘The Church is no longer about the salvation of souls,’” said Bishop Strickland during a more recent episode of his show.

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The bishop most recently declared that Catholics are not obliged to obey a Vatican-imposed ban on the offering of the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). He believes that should a rumored forthcoming Vatican document eliminate any celebration of the Latin Mass, many will be unable to obey it. “I believe it is an unjust law; people have come to a deeper faith in Jesus Christ and His Church through the Traditional Latin Mass.” 

He has even advised Catholics not to believe it when told they’re being “schismatic” for being faithful to this ancient liturgy. “The schism, if it comes, is coming from those who are trying to kill the tradition of the Church,” said Bishop Strickland.

In his Saturday X post, he noted, “Few shepherds are willing to speak up regarding the critical situation of Church and state. Can we continue to follow blind guides with no protest?”

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He insisted that “​​We must be faithful to Christ and His Church,” suggesting that the writings and actions of the Church hierarchy and even the Vatican have been at odds with Christ and His true Church.

“To remain complacent leaves us in danger of devastating conflicts around the world. To remain complacent leaves us in grave peril and at risk of eternal damnation,” he continued. “Do we believe in the Catholic faith and allow Her teachings to inform all our decisions or not???”

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