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(LifeSiteNews) — The following is an article by jailed rescuer John Hinshaw, one of the “D.C. Nine” pro-lifers, who was prosecuted by the Biden administration and sentenced by Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly to 21 months in prison for a peaceful pro-life rescue at a late-term abortion facility in Washington, D.C.

Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy hearty laughs while one is locked up, unjustly, in federal custody. Especially when we have some limited access to news from the outside. As usual, the hypocrisy and foibles of politicians as well as the corrupt media’s attempts at cover-up provide the hilarity. What helps the humor is the palpable frustration the fake news media demonstrates when they have to lie some more and try to ride to the rescue of our new pro-abortion police state. When they, do the laughs are constant.

What happened recently was the sentencing of our four pro-life grandmothers to prison sentences of two-three years. A recent, serious article in Catholic media documented all the health issues these courageous ladies are facing, which deserve mention here:

  • Heather Idoni has diabetes and, thanks to the negligence of our federal custody (and our judge, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly), she was not given treatment. This caused a stroke resulting in vascular surgery around her heart. All while she was in custody!
  • Jean Marshall suffers from acute pain in her hip and had a hip replacement surgery scheduled for after our trial last year. Everyone assured us that we would have time after our trial before we had to report to prison, SOP in federal cases. Our fanatical judge, while admitting she lacks discretion, saw the opportunity to attack protectors of children and ordered immediate incarceration. This immediate incarceration was unexpected (because it’s never done) and so Jean was unable to get the necessary surgery. Nor was any accommodation offered at sentencing!
  • Joan Bell has not communicated any current health concerns, but it is known that she has been hospitalized at least once in the last three years.
  • This brings us to the last, most outrageous sentencing act, which people have still not stopped talking about. Paulette Harlow suffers from diabetes, spinal stenosis, bronchial asthma, fatty liver disease, arthritic neck and hip, short-term memory loss, and other ailments. Her husband pleaded on her behalf in court, saying he feared for her life. Paulette’s sentence of two years in PRISON, not home confinement, demonstrates cruelty on top of injustice. Cruelty being a category of acting hatred, what CAN be said for this judge? When the judge then capped Paulette’s sentencing with a snide, mocking comment about Paulette’s Catholicism, we all saw the aging, fanatical baby-boomer’s selfish commitment to abortion. But Judge Kollar-Kotelly deserves her own article, which I will give her next week, so I leave her now.

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Now, I apologize for all this detail. The recitation of ailments afflicting us elderly (did I mention my trick knee? Just kidding) is dreadfully boring, but don’t worry, because another “news” article has come along to liven up this narrative.

Paulette’s sentencing has enraged fair-minded people and has not stopped resounding online, on Fox News, and on conservative talk radio now, several weeks later. Which gets us closer to our enjoyment.

Now, here in jail, we suffer from fake news Associated Press as our only “news” source, but knowing the media so well, I am able to detect their lies and bias rather easily. Knowing that people are still talking about the 75-year old woman sent to jail with serious health issues, I saw a headline on AP about “Fake News Stories” last week. The laughter began. Fake news AP telling me about “fake news”? Very funny.

But after initially ignoring it, I began to suspect treasure there. Sure enough, the second “fake news” story, from an upset “reporter,” Melissa Goldin, was that people think the 75-year old woman was outside the abortuary (not her word). Goldin wants us to know that the grandmothers “invaded” the abortuary and committed “violence”! According to this reporter Goldin for AP, we should not be deceived.

These ailing grandmothers are anything but what they seem. Goldin sees them leaping tall buildings in a single bound, and wrestling police to the ground, apparently. Don’t you know, says Goldin, that these grandmas “invaded” the partial-birth abortuary of Cesar Santangelo! Once inside, I can only assume that their musculature must have frightened the abortuary staff into assaulting them with a weapon. This assault BY the staff was admitted in court and justified by the judge and Goldin.

This is too funny! As the father of four beautiful daughters, I am keenly aware of what I call “middle-school feminism,” wherein resentment toward gender differences stunts girls’ maturity. Unfortunately for this nation, we do not ask those stunted to grow up before we give them professional positions. Instead, we stoke these resentments by giving them “gender studies” curricula and philosophical frauds like the chained, talented violinist. It also explains the fevered response of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Ms. Goldin is all aquiver in her worship of the Department of Justice closing the prison bars on these dangerous grandmothers.

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Now, when I was very young, my siblings and I would sometimes view my grandmother’s visits as “invasions” into our house. She did have some strict rules for us to observe. But as we grew up, we understood that she had come to help our family, especially our mother.

On October 20, 2020, these grandmothers entered the abortuary to offer help to the mothers inside. They were the ONLY ones there that day to help the mothers! We know the drill – the abortuary staff took the mothers, took their money, destroyed their children during a birth process, and threw the babies out in the dumpster. There is no follow-up care or counseling to help the mothers deal with their grief. Not from the abortuary, the DOJ, or the FBI.

These women will grieve all alone. Just a matter of time. Some help.

Nonetheless, Ms. Goldin’s splenetic reaction to the justified outrage of normal people is hilarious and a healthy indicator that, despite the corruption of our institutions, those normal people can still see persecution as just that.

You may have also noticed that our attorney general, Merrick Garland, had to slither to state-run media, The Washington Post, to defend himself recently since his perjury and other crimes have led to a contempt of Congress citation against him. Lacking bravery, as usual, he claimed, without evidence, that criticism of him was endangering the lives of FBI agents!?!? Funnier than 80% of America’s comedians!

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But don’t worry about Ms. Goldin, she will be fine despite the periodic frothing mouth. She still has “The Handmaid’s Tale” to come home to and the media will continue to work hand in Pravda-hand with our government to provide “safe spaces” by persecuting people Ms. Goldin doesn’t like.

This July, our brothers and sisters in Tennessee will be sentenced. Ms. Goldin should get great enjoyment in the sentencing of an elderly concentration camp survivor to prison in her last days. I can already see the headlines: “America Completes the Nazi Design.”

Great country, indeed.

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