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(LifeSiteNews) –– Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, has accused the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation of “brainwashing children” by creating pro-LGBT material targeted towards kids. 

“@CBCKids is brainwashing our children with this disgusting and dangerous radical gender ideology, and ensuring more of them will become confused, mentally unstable, and suicidal,” wrote Bernier on X last Friday. “CBC is a criminal organization.” 

Bernier’s comments come in response to cartoon material created by the outlet’s “CBC Kids News” channel, including one 2019 video that has recently regained traction on social media in which one character claims that doctors can “misgender” babies by referring to biology. 

The cartoon begins with a doctor showing a newborn baby girl to their parents. A girl named Ruby then chimes in telling the doctor, “Woah, let’s hit the brakes people.” 

“The way your body looks on the outside is only part of the story,” the Ruby character claims, telling the doctor that “sex” as well as “gender” are not the same thing, because gender is “how you feel” and is not indicative of one’s sex. 

“The body parts you were born with don’t always dictate who you are, how you feel or what you like to play with,” says the girl. 

This video has been on the CBC channel for five years and has 161,000 views to date.  

CBC kids channel full of pro-LGBT videos  

When taking a closer look at the CBC Kids News channel, there are a host of other videos pushing gender ideology on young kids. One video has the title “Breaking down every letter in 2SLGBTQQIPAA+,” while another is called “Pronouns like she/her, he/him and they/them explained.” 

The CBC Kids YouTube channel also has multiple videos that show kids interacting with a puppet called “Gary the Unicorn,” including one video called “Learning About Pronouns with Gary the Unicorn.” 

Some of these videos have also been broadcast on the CBC’s regular TV channel during its “Kids Hour,” which usually airs in the early mornings.  

Controversy surrounding the CBC Kids channel and its pushing of the LGBT agenda is not new and has been reported on by LifeSiteNews before.  

Since taking power nearly ten years ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his federal government have gone all in on promoting transgenderism and gender ideology, as can be seen in its federal “2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan,” which gives $100 million in funding over five years for homosexual and transgender initiatives. 

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