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(LifeSiteNews) — On June 24, a French court in Angers awarded 22-year-old “Syntia” Dersoir €7,000 after ruling that the gender-confused man was discriminated against by his former employer for being referred to by his legal birth name and told not to wear an abundance of makeup during work hours.

Dersoir had lodged a complaint against a McDonald’s franchise in Segré-en-Anjou Bleu where he had worked from September 2022 after management allegedly called him by his legal, male name, and requested that he remove the makeup he began donning during work hours.

In 2022, Dersoir was hired under his birth name and was legally registered as a male. In early 2023, he started donning makeup and prosthetic breasts while at work.

Dersoir claimed he was told by his supervisor that his new appearance was inappropriate in the work environment.

“She told me she couldn’t accept me in the field, that I had to take off some lipstick,” Dersoir said, alluding to his supervisor. “It still didn’t fit. She told me that if I wanted, I could go to the Super U to buy some make-up remover and come back, or else I could go home. I went home.”

The next day, Dersoir claimed another of his superiors told him:

You impose your choices on us, you only think about yourself, you get us into trouble.

Following Dersoir’s complaint to the French Labour Inspectorate, the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT) provided him a lawyer. Deerosir then lodged a criminal complaint against the management at the McDonald’s where he had been employed.

Reacting to Dersoir’s accusations, the lawyer representing McDonald’s, Maître Pascal Landais, maintained that management had merely requested that Dersoir abide by the McDonald’s workplace makeup policy that all staff had to follow.

“We asked him to tone down his make-up, not to remove it,” Landais asserted. The McDonald’s policy stipulated that all employees should don “light and discreet makeup” only for both uniform and hygiene purposes.

Predictably, leftist French establishment media outlets have sought to paint Dersoir as a victim of “gender discrimination.” Ouest-France insinuated that Dersoir’s employers were “guilty of moral harassment and discrimination.”

Dersoir is the second man claiming to be a woman in Europe to take legal action against a local McDonald’s for “gender discrimination”.

In Germany, Kylie Divon, 27, a gender-confused male known as Keil Li, is demanding financial compensation for alleged “discrimination” by McDonald’s after purporting he was refused entry to his employer’s changing room meant for female employees. Li lodged his complaint after a Muslim woman and colleague asked him to leave the women’s changing room, as per an interview with Siegessaeule. Divon alleged that the co-worker who told him to leave the women’s changing room was a Muslim woman who accurately told him that he was “biologically seen as a man” – a statement that he claimed was discriminatory, Reduxx reported.

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