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(LifeSiteNews) — The U.S. government will invest $176 million to “accelerate” the development of a Moderna bird flu “vaccine,” officials announced Tuesday.

Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a military contractor, has already helped develop a bird flu mRNA shot that has been cleared by the FDA, prompted by a bird flu outbreak in U.S. dairy cows. The vaccine development will include a late-stage trial next year if early testing looks promising, according to the Associated Press.

The mRNA injection is intended to remain flexible enough to provide immunity to flu strains aside from the H5N1 bird flu and be “quickly redirected to target” such a strain if needed, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The mRNA form of the so-called “vaccine” itself raises concerns considering the dangers inherent to the biotechnology and the abysmal track record of the mRNA COVID injections. Before the COVID outbreak, not one Moderna mRNA treatment had been brought to market since 2013, when it signed an agreement to develop and commercialize mRNA therapeutic treatments.

StatNews noted in 2016 that mRNA-based treatments are “highly risky,” and that “(b)ig pharma companies had tried similar work and abandoned it because it’s exceedingly hard to get RNA into cells without triggering nasty side effects.”

“Novartis abandoned the related realm of RNA interference over concerns about toxicity, as did Merck and Roche,” StatNews continued. Whether because of these “nasty side effects” or for other reasons, the mRNA COVID shots went on to take a devastating toll on people around the world. In the U.S. alone as of May 31, VAERS has reported 37,647 deaths, 216,757 hospitalizations, 21,741 heart attacks, and 28,445 myocarditis and pericarditis cases, among other ailments, due to the COVID shots.

In June, ​​the World Health Organization (WHO) said that a new strain of bird flu detected in humans for the first time has a “potential for high public health impact.” They logged the death of a 59-year-old man in Mexico with “multiple underlying conditions” as a “confirmed fatal case of human infection with avian influenza A(H5N2) virus,” despite the fact that Mexico’s health ministry said the death was due to underlying conditions that led to septic shock, Reuters reported.

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the most highly published cardiologists in history, recently pointed to gain-of-function research as a likely explanation for a “jump” of bird flu from animals to humans, alluding to the fact that it has long historically only been detected in animals. He called for a shutdown of U.S. gain-of-function labs and warned that animal culling and bird flu vaccines would only create “more resistant strains.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola also pointed out in 2022 that Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci have spent years funding research to “develop a bird flu pathogen capable of infecting humans,” as Alexis Baden-Mayer showed in an article published last year. Some of this gain-of-function research has taken place in U.S. Department of Defense-funded biolabs in Ukraine. 

Mercola noted that Christian Westbrook (the “Ice Age Farmer”) detailed in one video Gates’ funding of Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka in Wisconsin to identify mutations in various bird flu strains that could have pandemic potential. Fauci has also funded Kawaoka’s work since 1990.

“In one experiment, Kawaoka mixed bird flu virus with the Spanish flu virus, resulting in a highly lethal respiratory virus with human transmission capability. Kawaoka has also played around with mixtures of H5N1 and the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) virus, creating an airborne hybrid capable of completely evading the human immune system, effectively rendering humans defenseless against it,” Dr. Mercola explained.

Such funding of gain-of-function bird flu research is especially significant considering that people Dr. Robert Redfield, former director for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), have for years warned of a dangerous impending bird flu that will devastate humans despite the fact that it has historically been detected only in animals.

In a March 30, 2022, CenterPoint interview, Redfield stated, “I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that’s going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It’s going to have significant mortality in the 10 to 50% range. It’s going to be trouble.”

Remarkably, Dr. Michael Gregor, a scientist and vegan who once testified on behalf of Oprah Winfrey in her “meat defamation” trial, has repeatedly claimed that chicken farms will trigger an apocalyptic virus that will threaten half of humankind. In 2006, he published a book called Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching, in which he asserts that “leading public health authorities now predict as inevitable a pandemic of influenza, triggered by bird flu and expected to lead to millions of deaths around the globe.”

Accordingly, Westbrook “suspects a weaponized bird flu may be released to usher in The Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution, which include the elimination of traditional farming and meat consumption in favor of patented, lab-created ‘foods,’” Dr. Mercola noted. In Westbrook’s words, this would be a “a controlled demolition of the protein supply.”

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