ENCORE | Man On Deathbed After Car Crash. Here’s What He Saw.

Ed Jozsa died in a terrible car crash — and has lived to see the afterlife. A head-on collision, an uncertain hospital stay, and a vision of the afterlife have all given Jozsa a second chance. Jozsa now lives to tell his story about death — the greatest and final experience of us all. In fact, Jozsa alleges to have already experienced his “particular judgment” when God judges the righteousness of a person’s soul. Like other visionaries of heaven and hell, Jozsa gained a shocking glimpse of an afterlife without God — eternity without Christ. Jozsa is now on a mission to use the miracle of his survival as a rallying call to the world: live for God or suffer in hell. John-Henry Westen takes the pro-life movement to the limit, discussing the important responsibilities we all play that will ultimately bring us to account at the moment of death.

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July 4, 2024

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