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We reported yesterday on a unique new video that exposes the disturbing creation of fetal cell lines used by the medical industry. You must watch the four-and-a-half minute CHOICE42’s latest animated short video titled “It’s OK,” which details the origins of five different fetal cell lines and how they were created from the victims of abortion. No text article can convey what this video does in just a few minutes.

A Liberal-backed Canadian Treasury Board report declared that Canadians’ thinking must be corrected to restore “trust” in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. It shows how totally out of touch with the people they are to think that a propaganda campaign, instead of dramatic change in policies, can actually restore that trust. Even people in many other nations are disgusted with the Trudeau government.

Trudeau is ridiculed around the world for destroying the international reputation Canada has had for many decades. This attempt to “correct” Canadians’ thinking reinforces the need to decimate the Liberals and their NDP allies in the next election.


In 2011, I reluctantly decided I had to attend and photograph the Toronto Pride parade. Unfortunately, my many photos connected to the resulting article are no longer available, but the text of a 2014 article recalling what I experienced then gives a good overview of the perversity of the event. My photos were used by many others, which I don’t mind, to wake up the public to what happens at these events. One photo of a little girl with her parents, looking straight at totally naked men passing by, was used by other conservative media.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford was viciously criticized for not taking part in the 2011 parade. His brother, now premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, has been far more cowardly in resisting gay activist pressure. And now, the usual antics took place this past weekend with no arrests by police for violating indecent exposure laws. Jonathan Van Maren also reports on the disturbing things permitted during the parade.

We reported on Wednesday that Cardinal Gerhard Müller revealed that a senior Vatican official thinks no Mass at all is better than allowing the Latin Mass. More evidence that the Francis papacy is determined to destroy the Catholic Church.


GOOD NEWS: Oklahoma state superintendent requires public schools to teach the Bible, Ten Commandments. Could this be the beginning of a return to sanity in the U.S.?

More GOOD NEWSPro-life activist Paul Vaughn, a father of 11, avoids prison time sought by the Biden Department of Justice after his FACE Act conviction. Doug Mainwaring reports on this joyful outcome of the efforts by the Thomas More Society on behalf of Paul.

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