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(LifeSiteNews) – On June 24, Canadians got a glimpse of what could result when the next federal election takes place in 2025: Conservative candidate Don Stewart shocked everyone by winning a by-election in a longtime Liberal stronghold, the downtown Toronto-St. Paul’s riding. 

Toronto-St. Paul’s has been in Liberal hands since 1993, and the Trudeau Liberals pulled out all the stops to try to retain the seat and get their candidate Leslie Church elected. They even had multiple top ministers and MPs canvas the area for days.  

On June 24, the day of the by-election, even Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland got into the act, talking up Church as the candidate to vote for because the “alternative is really cold and cruel and small.” 

Freeland told a gathered crowd and reporters that the “alternative is cuts and austerity, not believing in ourselves as a country, not believing in our communities and our neighbors.” 

Well, the majority of Toronto voters who turned out to vote in the by-election on Monday night, weren’t buying Freeland’s line that the “alternative,” namely the Conservative Party, was a “cruel” party.  

Maybe those who voted for Stewart and the Conservatives remembered some of the recent words Trudeau said about Canadians who did not go along with his party’s agenda. It was Trudeau who in 2021 called people opposed to the COVID jabs “misogynists” and “racists.” 

Stewart’s victory is not a small feat. It is a direct result of Canadians, including those in Toronto, saying they have had enough of the Trudeau government’s scandal after scandal, and it’s leader’s constant pushing of a woke,  anti-family and anti-life agenda. Also, Canadians are sick and tired of ever-increasing taxes 

Indeed, the most recent polls show that if an election were held today, Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party would not only mop the floor of the House of Commons with most Liberal MPs but, as noted before, “wash the windows of the house on Parliament Hill as well with a tint of conservative blue.” 

Poilievre is far from perfect. He supports abortion and, to be blunt, has a very poor track record when it comes to issues of life and family. But despite this, many Conservative MPs are fully pro-life and, for now, at least, Poilievre is tolerant of his MPs with pro-life views.  

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By-election results cannot be underestimated – a huge win for those trying to get rid of Trudeau  

The St. Paul by-election results cannot be underestimated, and if you have even a basic familiarity with Canadian politics, you will know that Canadians in general seem to allow one party to hold the reins for about 10 years before switching to another one.  

As noted before, Canadian politics has followed a predictable outcome for decades. The party in power wins in a landslide and seems to stay there for about 10 years, sometimes more or less, but the same pattern always occurs. The party in power eventually collapses, only to return in one iteration or another after some “time off.” 

Trudeau has vowed to stay on as Liberal leader despite reports that some of his MPs are demanding he resign and let someone else take the reins. It is inevitable that Trudeau will step down one day, and on paper, it does not look good for the pro-abortion Trudeau in terms of where he and his party will be come the next federal election. 

The Liberal Party’s “time off” period is about to begin. There is no doubt about it, and the June 24 by-election result is but a taste of what is to come, whether the election is held in 2025 as planned, or called earlier. 

But, despite the reality that Trudeau’s hold in Canada will soon end, the damage his party has done with all the laws it has passed, many of which attack Canadian freedoms, will take years to undo. For the Conservatives, job number one when they take office will be to undo all the harm  

Trudeau and his ilk have wreaked havoc on the nation. Poor Canada has suffered immensely for the past 10 years, but the pendulum usually always swings back the other way. This time, it will swing at lightning speed, God willing. 


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