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These are the headlines for today – Wednesday, the 3rd of July, 2024

The Texas Supreme Court recently upheld a ban barring medical professionals from performing sex-change operations or recommending hormonal treatments for minors. This decision was a response to Senate Bill 14, implemented last year. This is a huge step in protecting children nationwide from life-altering procedures, and we pray that it will set a strong precedent as other states take similar actions.

Israel is nearing a strategic victory over Hamas, with continuous IDF efforts to eliminate the terrorist organization. Amidst the conflict, the Biden administration outlines its expectations for Gaza’s future. The U.S. insists on an Arab-led civilian government in post-war Gaza, sparking debate over what is in Israel’s best interest.

The Department of Homeland Security has halted deportations of illegal immigrants from Haiti. This policy, a result of the poor conditions still plaguing Haiti, affects hundreds of thousands of Haitians residing in the United States. This news also comes amid the continued crisis at our southern border, as thousands of illegal immigrants pour into the country every week.

Following North Korea’s pact with Russia, South Korea is considering arming Ukraine. This major policy shift has been suggested in response to Russia and North Korea’s defense agreement. While South Korea has been providing humanitarian aid, it has not yet provided arms. Will an additional country’s involvement in the conflict bring us closer to a larger war?

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, we thank You for the Texas Supreme Court’s bold decision to protect kids. We ask You to empower more states to stand for our children. Additionally, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem according to Your word. Let the U.S. be a strong ally of Israel and be found blameless in Your sight. We also ask You to secure our border and protect us from all threats. Finally, we pray that You would strengthen Ukraine and show us how to support its people best.

These are the headlines for today – Tuesday, the 2nd of July, 2024

The Supreme Court decided Trump v. United States with a 6-3 vote. The court determined presidential immunity related to core constitutional powers, actions within his official responsibility, and unofficial acts. The decision also addressed four criminal counts against the former President. 

Concerns are rising over President Biden’s ability to run the United States effectively. Following a debate performance that left many uneasy, prominent media voices are urging President Biden to step aside. A recent poll revealed that a significant 72% of voters question his mental fitness for the job, indicating a growing unease among the public.

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Hurricane Beryl, now a Category 4 storm, threatens to devastate the eastern Caribbean’s Windward Islands. With record-strength winds that intensified due to warm ocean temperatures, this hurricane is expected to remain dangerous throughout its course. Experts also predict an exceptionally active 2024 hurricane season with up to 25 possible named storms.

Turkey’s opposition leader, Özgür Özel, condemns Hamas as a terrorist organization. He criticizes the group for their violent attacks on Israel. This view contrasts with President Erdoğan’s support of Hamas. Perhaps nations in the area may be moving away from unholy alliances.

Let’s pray. Father God, we ask today, in Jesus’ name, that You bless those in authority in America. Lord, but we pray that You shower them all with Your goodness which brings people to repentance. From the President to the humblest, most unknown worker in the land, let them cry out to You for mercy and salvation. And Father, for those who refuse to be saved and refuse to honor You and walk in righteousness and justice, we pray that their days in office would be few and that another would take their office, according to Your will and Your plans only, Lord.

These are the headlines for today – Monday, the 1st of July, 2024

Pro-life nurses and Catholics are publicly condemning Delaware’s assisted suicide bill, which is pending the governor’s approval. The divisive bill, H.B. 140, offers terminally ill patients the option to prematurely end their lives, sparking moral and ethical concerns. Advocates, including the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses, are calling for the legislation’s veto, decrying it as a “catastrophe” that devalues life.

Tractor Supply is walking back its ‘woke’ policies, terminating all diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. The retailer faced backlash as customers expressed dissatisfaction over the company’s support for causes like LGBTQ and climate change. Priorities will now include rural America, animal welfare, and veteran causes, while dropping non-business activities.

Classroom smartphone bans are gaining bipartisan approval nationally. Lawmakers argue the distraction detracts from learning, with research showing significant use among students. In blue states and red states alike, leaders are pushing for these bans to help prioritize education.

As the Gaza war rages, Christians in the holy land face complex struggles. Conflict threatens the dwindling Christian presence across Israel and the Palestinian territory. Furthermore, the Israeli government recently targeted churches within its borders, demanding decades of alleged back taxes. Will the Christian community in Israel make it through this difficult time?

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father above, we pray for Your values to become America’s values. We ask You to protect life at all stages, from the womb to the tomb. We ask You to put an end to woke policies in American businesses, and we ask You to keep America’s schools free from distractions so that the younger generations can learn effectively. Finally, we lift up our Christian brothers and sisters in Israel to You. We ask You to strengthen them and comfort them in this time of war.

These are the headlines for today – Friday, the 28th of June, 2024

It is a big week for the Supreme Court. Today they will announce rulings on the Trump immunity case and January 6. Yesterday they published a ruling against the Securities and Exchange Commission’s use of in-house administrative courts. Defendants who face civil penalties must now receive a jury trial under the Seventh Amendment.

In another ruling, the Supreme Court returned Idaho v. United States to lower courts. Meanwhile, U.S. hospitals can continue to perform emergency abortions, even in states that enforce strict abortion bans. This provision encompasses cases where a woman’s life isn’t under immediate threat but she faces grave harm, including loss of fertility or mental harm. We are praying that states will continue to pass laws that protect the unborn.

Continuing with the topic of abortion, Planned Parenthood is set to invest tens of millions of dollars to support pro-abortion candidates in the upcoming election. With a planned expenditure of 40 million dollars on campaigns, the organization’s aim is to reelect President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats.

The Department of the Interior recently published a 24-page guide to ‘Inclusive Language.’ The guide advises bureaucrats to avoid so-called gendered terms like ‘son’, ‘daughter’, ‘husband’, and ‘wife’, instead recommending neutral terms like ‘they’, ‘them’, and ‘spouse’. This is just one example of how the current Administration is using tax dollars to promote progressive ideas.

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, we pray for the Supreme Court to rule justly and wisely and for correction of rulings that are unwise and unconstitutional. We pray for hearts and minds to change on abortion and we pray that You would confuse and thwart the efforts of Planned Parenthood. We pray for Christians to lovingly share truth about Jesus and about how humans are image bearers of God. We pray that this truth would counteract all the lies in our culture. In Jesus’ name, amen.

These are the headlines for today – Thursday, the 27th of June, 2024

Tonight President Biden and President Trump will face off in the first presidential debate of this election season. Many will watch, but we are asking you to pray. Let’s pray for truth to be revealed and any and all lies to be squelched. Check out for an article and a prayer guide with prayer points to focus on while you watch the debate.

In a landmark social media case, the Supreme Court ruled that plaintiffs accusing the Biden administration of pressuring social-media platforms to censor content lacked standing. The 6-3 decision, penned by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, stated the plaintiffs failed to prove they suffered direct or future harm. The dissent said that the Court unjustifiably refuses to address this serious threat to the First Amendment.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been released following a plea deal. Assange pled guilty to violating the Espionage Act and acknowledged publishing U.S. military secrets. He served 62 months in a London prison and is now permitted to return home to Australia.

In a recent development, reports indicate HHS Assistant Secretary and biological male Rachel Levine pushed the World Professional Association for Transgender Health to eliminate age guidelines for transgender treatments. The radical directive resulted in a change to the Standards of Care, removing minimum ages for medical transitions.

Let’s pray. Lord God, we pray for truth to prevail in tonight’s debate. We pray that plaintiffs with legal standing to sue would immediately bring a challenge to the Biden Administration collusion with social media companies to censor free speech. We pray that blind eyes would be opened about the evil of gender change. In Jesus’ name, amen.

These are the headlines for today – Wednesday, the 26th of June, 2024

A boy used AI tech to generate nude deep fake photos of a fellow female student that he posted on Snapchat. Snapchat refused to remove the images so the student and her family contacted Senator Ted Cruz who was able to get Snapchat to remove them. Now Senator Cruz has proposed legislation, the ‘Take It Down Act’, to increase penalties for perpetrators and to obligate social media platforms to remove such content rapidly.

The Supreme Court earlier this week rejected COVID-19 vaccine appeals from Children’s Health Defense. The organization had challenged emergency authorization of vaccines for minors and the student vaccination mandate. The high court upheld lower court rulings that the organization did not have legal standing to sue.

In the center of a Medicare fraud case in Texas, there’s an unsettling connection between medical professionals, specifically Dr. Richard Ogden Roberts, and far-left activists. A whistleblower alleges Roberts’ unlawfully billed Medicaid for trans medical interventions. In question also is Roberts’ connection with pro-transgender organizations that receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, pro-transgender vandals recently targeted a “Take Back Title IX” tour bus with the slogan on it “Save Women’s Sports.” The bus, belonging to the Our Bodies, Our Sports coalition, was discovered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with slurs, crosses, and profane graffiti. Brianna Howard, the tour bus manager, said It’s crazy. We’re very disheartened by this happening, but it’s not going to discourage us. We’re going to keep pushing forward and spreading the message.

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, we pray for justice for victims of deepfakes, for everyone who was harmed by the covid vaccine and mandates, for whistleblowers exposing medical mistreatment of children, and for the pro-women tour. We pray that citizens and leaders would recognize the truth about the cultural issues that are corrupting our nation. In Jesus’ name, amen.

These are the headlines for today – Monday, the 24th of June, 2024

Very few news outlets have reported on China’s actions against the Philippines. The Chinese coast guard seized two Filipino boats. China claims much of the South China Sea as its territory. Rising tensions spotlight geopolitical concerns in the Pacific region. Experts wonder if China is testing what the U.S. will do in defense of allies like the Philippines. IFA has numerous special report prayer guides on the dangers China poses.

There are also concerns about Vladimir Putin’s recent trip to North Korea. The two nations signed a mutual security pact. Russia helps North Korea with weapons, oil, and money laundering. In return, Pyongyang helps Russia evade sanctions and provides cheap labor. This trip and Putin’s visit with Vietnam suggest efforts reminiscent of the Soviet era.

In national news, did you know that according to conservative activist Scott Presler, if every Christian in the U.S. voted, presidential elections might have different outcomes. According to Presler, 30% of evangelicals are not even registered to vote. This is why IFA launched Pray the Vote 2024, where you can pray for Christians who haven’t voted in the last few elections to get out and vote biblical values.

Finally, former President Trump has suggested automatic green cards for international graduates of U.S. colleges. Some say this diverges from his prior views. Polls consistently show that immigration is a primary concern of voters.

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, we pray about the recent actions of China, Russia, and North Korea. We pray that these nations would be used for your purposes and that you would give American leaders great wisdom in protecting U.S. interests. We pray that Christians would vote biblical values in record-breaking numbers and that our nation’s leaders would have divine wisdom to address immigration. In Jesus’ name, amen.

These are the headlines for today, Friday, June 21, 2024.

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Louisiana has become the first state to mandate the display of the Ten Commandments in classrooms. The bill, which became law on June 18, requires Louisiana schools receiving state funds to feature the Commandments in each building. The law describes the Ten Commandments as “foundational documents of our state and national government.”

We’ve been praying about the impact of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio in 2023, which affected the atmosphere across 16 states. A new study shows that toxic emissions from the incident were carried by precipitation to areas from Canada to North Carolina.

Missouri’s lawsuit against Planned Parenthood is moving forward, according to Judge Brouck Jacobs. The lawsuit involves Planned Parenthood transporting minors across state lines for abortions. This case stems from a video captured by Project Veritas, showing allegedly illegal advice from clinic staff.

U.S. Representative Chip Roy wants Congress to address the increasing evidence of non-citizens participating in elections. He says the proposed Save Act will correct this issue and require voter proof of citizenship. This Act is presented as a bipartisan solution to safeguard voter eligibility.

Let’s pray about these issues. Lord, we are grateful that Louisiana wants all schoolchildren to know about the Ten Commandments. We pray this will lead them to know Jesus. We pray that you would expose all of the harm from the East Palestine disaster and that you would protect people from further harm. We pray that Planned Parenthood will be thwarted in their efforts to promote abortion. And we ask You to safeguard the privileges of U.S. citizenship, including the right to vote. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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