State House Passes Transgender Bathroom Ban

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Ohio’s House passed a trans bathroom ban. The bill now awaits a vote in the Senate, and Gov. DeWine expressed interest in signing it.

From Breitbart. Lawmakers in the Ohio House passed a bill banning students who call themselves transgender from using bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.

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The bill, known as House Bill 183 (H.B. 183), was introduced by state Reps. Beth Lear (R) and Adam Bird (R) and was added to Senate Bill 104 (S.B. 104) as an amendment in a 60-31 vote, according to the Ohio Capital Journal.

In response to the bill that was signed on Wednesday, Lear stated that boys and girls should not be allowed to “be in locker rooms” and bathrooms together and “should not be sharing overnight accommodations.” …

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) stated that he “would sign the bill.” The bill will move on to the Ohio Senate, where it will be reviewed when lawmakers return after November.

Under the bill, students in K-12 schools and colleges in the state who call themselves transgender would only be allowed to use the bathroom or locker room that corresponds with their assigned gender at birth.

The outlet notes that the bill “would not apply to someone helping” people with disabilities or parents helping “a child younger than 10 years old” …

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