Conflict Escalates between Hezbollah and Israel

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Hezbollah launched its largest attack against Israel since October 7 on Thursday, yet its deputy leader claimed there will be no war. Do you think this will become a greater conflict?

From All Israel News. After Hezbollah fired a massive barrage of some 200 rockets and 20 drones at Israel on Thursday, the Israel Defense Force announced in the evening that an IDF officer was killed and several others were wounded by rocket impacts.

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The fallen soldier was identified as Maj. (res.) Itay Galea (38), a deputy company commander in the Yiftah Reserve Armored Brigade, from Ramat Gan. The army hasn’t yet specified how many other soldiers were wounded or how serious their injuries were. …

At least 25 Israelis have been killed in the ongoing low-level war in northern Israel so far, including 15 IDF soldiers and 10 civilians.

Hezbollah said its attack, probably the largest single barrage it fired in the war so far, was a response to Israel’s killing of Muhammad Naamah Nasr, who commanded the “Aziz” unit responsible for Hezbollah’s western sector adjacent to the border in southern Lebanon. …

The IDF in response initiated several waves of airstrikes in southern Lebanon on Thursday and throughout the night to Friday. …

However, despite the escalating attacks by Hezbollah and the heated rhetoric on both sides in recent weeks, Hezbollah’s deputy leader Naim Kassem said Friday that in his estimation, there will be no war between Israel and Lebanon in the foreseeable future, according to Kan News.

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(Excerpt from All Israel News. Photo Credit: Tasnim News Agency, CC BY 4.0,

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