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The book of Genesis recounts how Adam named and categorized the animals, highlighting the profound significance of classifying and defining God’s creation (Gen. 2:19-20). As God’s vice regent, Adam used this act of naming as a clear assertion of authority, underscoring that the one who defines a thing holds power over it. Throughout history, controlling categories, classifications and definitions has been a critical tool for shaping narratives and influencing the perspectives of entire societies.

Revolutionaries have regularly redefined reality and classifications to control the narrative and advance their agendas.

The French Revolution (1789-1799): The revolutionaries dismantled the feudal system and abolished titles of nobility, redefining citizens as equals and establishing a new social order. They also introduced a new calendar, renaming months and resetting the year to Year I, symbolizing a complete split from the past and creating a new identity.

The Russian Revolution (1917): The Bolsheviks restructured society by emphasizing the proletariat (working class) and the bourgeoisie (capitalist class), instigating warfare between classes. To unify and motivate the masses, they employed new symbols like the hammer and sickle and terminology like “comrade.” Their extensive propaganda efforts redefined justice, equality and the role of the state.

Nazi Germany (1933-1945): The Nazi regime redefined racial categories, asserting Aryan superiority and justifying the persecution of Jews, biblical Christians and other minorities. Through relentless propaganda, they reshaped reality, portraying these groups as dangerous and subhuman. Nazi education policies indoctrinated the youth with these racial theories and distorted values. Today, Western nations are experiencing a profound revolutionary transformation under the “woke” ideology banner

This new wave of cultural redefinition is occurring as follows:

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