Pennsylvania Capitol Evacuated After Bomb Threat: ‘In the Name of Palestine’ – American Faith

The Pennsylvania State Capitol was evacuated on Saturday after 250 members of the state’s House and Senate received a bomb threat email.

The email, with the subject line, “My Manifesto,” threatened to detonate “highly lethal” devise around the capitol unless President Joe Biden condemned Israel.

“In the name of Palestine, I have hidden highly lethal lead azide devices in and around Pennsylvania State Capitol as well as the Pennsylvania Judicial Center,” the email said.

“I plan on triggering one device every few hours until Joe Biden goes on national television and publicly denounces the illegitimate state of Israel. Keep in mind I am inside one of the 2 buildings armed w/ a knife, and plan on remaining here to my dying breath!”

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro (D) confirmed the legitimacy of the email, writing on social media, “I’m tired of the foolery and unhinged behavior. Let’s hope they find this menace.”

The communications director for the PA Department of General Services issued a statement to WGAL regarding the incident, saying that Capitol Police “did not find any explosives during a K9 search of the perimeter of the Capitol Complex.”

“Capitol Police and the FBI are still actively conducting a comprehensive search and investigation in coordination with the Pennsylvania State Police, House and Senate security, and the Dauphin County Sheriff’s office to ensure the safety of the area.”

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