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Benny Hinn has enjoyed periods of effective, successful ministry and endured seasons of turbulence. To be sure, he has cut a bold figure across the evangelical and Pentecostal scene over his nearly 50 years in ministry. As his jubilee year approaches, Hinn once more finds himself on the sharp end of a fresh batch of criticisms, few of them especially unique from the last time Charisma sat down with him 31 summers ago for the August 1993 issue. As the Bible teaches, there’s nothing new under the sun. Hinn recently visited the “Strang Report” podcast to address recent criticisms, how he addressed sensitive times in the past and his view of the future as he enters the closing phase of his ministry career.

CHARISMA: When people first hear about you or come across one of your sermons, what do you want them to know about you? Who is the real Benny Hinn?

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HINN: The real Benny Hinn wants to finish better than I began. The real Benny Hinn wants to know the Bible better than I’ve ever known it. And the real Benny Hinn wants Jesus, to intensify His love in me for Him with His fire. My real cry is, “Lord, I want to be accepted on that day.” That’s all that really matters to me. That’s the real me. People don’t know that about me. But that’s the real Benny.

CHARISMA: Why do you think a lot of people don’t already know that?

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HINN: I don’t talk about it much. They see clips from crusades, TV programs, old clips from “This Is Your Day”; they make up their own conclusions. I think that’s why. But when I started in ministry, it was a very simple beginning. And I want to finish with a simple finish.

CHARISMA: Talk to me about the gospel. In your own words, what is the gospel? Why is it so important in this hour?

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