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(LifeSiteNews) — A pharmaceutical company linked to Pfizer spent $10,000 to sponsor an LGBT event through the Chicago Public Schools that taught kids how to present themselves as the opposite sex without their parents knowing.

Viiv Healthcare and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were sponsors of the “Galaxy Summit” organized by the Children First Fund, an arm of CPS.

The sponsorship by Viiv allowed it to “place its content in front of students in grades five through 12,” according to Chalkboard News, which obtained the contracts and published the details on July 1.

Viiv Healthcare researchers HIV and AIDS drugs and is a partnership between GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Shionogi, according to its website.

The company did not respond to an email from LifeSiteNews on Monday. LifeSite asked for confirmation on the contract, what materials the company provided at the summit, what it hoped to get out of the sponsorship, and for general comment on the event.

The Galaxy Summit “is an annual event designed to create an affirming space for all to learn about and celebrate the galaxies of gender, sexuality and love that exist in our communities,” according to CPS.

“The Summit is intended to create a safe space for students to learn about the diversity of the CPS community while participating in fun, educational activities and getting to know their peers from across Chicago,” according to the public school system.

The March event required parental consent to attend, but students were taught permission is not always needed by a guardian.

“You are allowed to use your affirmed name and pronouns in class without parent permission!” one slide read. Chalkboard News obtained some of the presentations. “All staff members must respect this.”

The summit also partnered with Lurie Children’s Hospital. The Chicago hospital works with CPS to promote gender ideology, including through “employee-training programs,” as reported by Chris Rufo.

The summit also included an activism portion.

That activity “sought to instruct students on the basics of activism and ‘why we need to advocate in the LGBTQ+ community’ as well as ‘famous activists in the LGBTQ+ community,’” according to Chalkboard News.

“Students were told there are many ways to advocate, including marches, writing, community organizing, digital activism, fundraising, strikes, protests, peaceful protests and walkouts,” the news outlet reported.

“Students were asked if they have advocated and if the plan on participating in activism, according to a copy of the presentation slides obtained by Chalkboard.

The Children First Fund did not respond to a Monday email from LifeSiteNews that asked about safeguards to ensure kids are not being pressured to identify as LGBT, confirmation on the contract with Viiv, and what the end goal is of talking to kids as young as fifth grade about LGBT topics.

American Life League, which researches sex-ed curriculum in public schools, criticized the summit as “destructive propaganda.”

“We are at a time in place in the history of America where the devil is unleashed and under the guise of inclusiveness, diversity, love and tolerance many of our public institutions are complicit in deception and are directly engaged in the perversion and destruction of our children,” American Life League executive vice president Hugh Brown told LifeSiteNews in an emailed statement.

“The Chicago Public School system is engaging in destructive propaganda by hosting the CPS Galaxy Summit aimed at confusing young people and furthering the work of destroying their God given identity’s, harming them psychologically, mentally and spiritually,” Brown said.

“Pharmaceutical companies have a direct interest in promoting confusion, sin and demonizing truth,” Brown also said. “They benefit from creating confusion in young people and then hooking them on ‘gender-affirming drugs’ for the rest of their lives should they chose to follow the deadly false path of altering their gender.”

“It is insidious and those responsible for this madness in Chicago should be fired. Parents need to wake up and get their children out of public school systems.”

CPS hands out condoms, reportedly coerces some students to practice Hinduism

The Galaxy Summit is not the only way Chicago Public Schools seeks to influence kids to embrace a liberal agenda without parental knowledge.

For example, it has a policy of handing out condoms to kids as young as 10 years old without their parents knowing. “Schools that teach grade fifth and up must maintain a condom availability program,” the policy, passed in 2021, states. “CPS provides guidance regarding the notification to parents and access to condoms by approved school representatives.”

A federal lawsuit also accused CPS of forcing students to participate in Hindu-inspired meditation. Students were reportedly told they had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, promising not to tell their parents about participation.

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