Drug Trafficking Is Still Hurting Average Americans

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As the country watches the border ahead of the election, cartel-trafficked fentanyl is still destroying lives. How will this impact the results in November.

From Just the News. While President Joe Biden vowed to combat illegal drug trafficking during his administration, statistics show that it is still on the rise and negatively impacting everyday Americans.

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In 2022, President Joe Biden announced his National Drug Control Strategy that had a goal to address untreated addiction and to strengthen law enforcement’s ability to go after drug traffickers. …

According to a recent report from The Hill, two powerful Mexican drug cartels have eliminated competition regarding trafficking drugs in 2024.

The cartels, Sinaloa and Jalisco are two of the deadliest drug cartels that have impacted the U.S. According to government officials, 200 Americans a day die from the drug fentanyl which is often trafficked by cartels.  …

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration released a report last month that stated that the Sinaloa Cartel and money launderers have an alliance that could be linked to Chinese underground banking.  …

The DEA has referred to fentanyl as the “nation’s greatest and most urgent drug threat.” …

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(Excerpt from Just the News. Photo Credit: CBP photo by Jerry Glaser)

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