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A mere week after sexual deviancy marched through the streets of San Francisco, a Jesus March broke out filled with shouts of praise, a worship set and baptisms.

On Saturday, July 6, social media posts on X (formerly Twitter) began filling peoples news feeds of the march, complete with video of the event and the baptisms and salvations that followed the march.

Much of the commentary was provided by Sophia Lorey, Outreach Director CA Family Council according to her X bio.

“Last week they flooded the streets with sexual perversion. We are writing a different story,” she posted.

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There do not appear to be any celebrity leaders specifically attached to the march, just like with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Asbury University last year, but the group “California Will Be Saved” was tagged throughout the slew of posts highlighting the event, while co-leader of the group Ross Johnston posted from the event.

According to the California Will Be Saved site, “Our mission is to bring the message of Salvation to a broken and lost generation in California through worship, prayer, the proclamation of the Gospel, and hosting the Presence of Jesus everywhere we go. If California is saved, the world can be saved.”

That is a bold goal, and one that the state of California desperately needs.

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Marchers were filled with smiles and joy that seemed contagious, as even a trucker held out his Bible which he kept in the cab of his truck as they marched through sections of the city such as the LGBTQ+ stronghold, the Tenderloin District.

As posted by news contributor, author and de-transitioner Oli London, “The group prayed for the salvation of the city, which has seen crime and homelessness skyrocket.”

With more Christians taking a proactive role in bringing the gospel where it is most needed, America may yet stand a chance against the growing darkness in the world. And that is because the hope for every nation doesn’t lay with any politician or political party, but with faith in Jesus Christ and repentant hearts for abandoning the ways of God.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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