Prophetic Warning: The Next Major Move by China is Coming

Is God speaking about China’s next big move?

In a word of warning, prophetic voice Troy Black gave some insight into what China may be up to next.

“I started to see a vision back on May 23 of a mountainous area and next to the mountains was this line of power generators and they looked like these big machines that were moving up and down,” Black shares. “Then, I got this knowledge that what I’m seeing now is a metaphor.”

“I heard the Lord say, ‘China’s next move is to wipe out a power grid,” Black prophesies. “I don’t know if God is saying that China is going to physically wipe something out, right, but more likely it’s something involving China putting pressure on another nation or utilizing backdoor tactics in order to affect a power grid or somebody’s power source.”

As a world giant, Black says that this could even mean China will pressure another nation through different tactics, potentially affecting their power source.

Just as China may be working to squeeze another nation, Black says the Chinese New Year itself is also going to come into play in the coming days.

Regarding next year’s Chinese New Year, Black says he had a vision of a Chinese street sign with a person standing in the street and the city decorated for a festival.

“I heard the Lord say, ‘It will happen as if nothing is going on around because they will be ignoring what’s happening around them at the time,’” Black prophesies. “These things are going to be happening around, but it’s not going to affect the Chinese society as a whole.”

The timing of these prophetic visions and words comes during a year that was prophesied as a year all about the Chinese dragon. This year is also the Chinese calendar year of the dragon.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn also warned about the dragon as mentioned in the book of Revelation.

How ever China will tie into these new and ongoing prophetic signs still remains to be seen.

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