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As Jennifer Roback Morse wrote, February 26, 2024, at National Catholic Register:

Watch your language… You should not say “transgender.”

I can hear the howls already: You are erasing trans people!

I’m not trying to “erase” anyone.

My point is that the words “trans” or “transgender” are used to mean so many different things, that these terms create more confusion than clarity. Let’s make sure we understand each other, that’s all.

The American Psychological Association offers the following definition of transgender:

Transgender is an umbrella term for persons whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with their biological sex.

Notice that this definition contains other words that need to be defined. The APA defines the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression” this way:

Gender identity refers to a person’s internal sense of being male, female or something else.

Gender expression refers to the way a person communicates gender identity to others through behavior, clothing, hairstyles, voice or body characteristics.

Notice that “gender identity” appears in both definitions. In that sense, “gender identity” is the core concept. And “gender identity” is entirely subjective, by definition. There can be no objective, measurable definition of “gender identity,” since it is based entirely on the individual’s feelings.

Feelings aren’t static. They can even be volatile. A person’s “internal sense” of self, including the parts relating to gender, can change over time. In fact, peoples’ mature sense of themselves should be different from their younger sense of self.

More importantly, for public purposes, no one can observe another person’s interior life. I can’t tell if you are telling me the full truth about your authentic self. You may be kidding yourself. You may be indulging in wishful thinking. You may be flat-out lying. We have no public, observable, objective criterion by which to judge another person’s interior life.

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Pro-Life Researcher Debunks Pro-Abortion Study

You may have heard hysterical reports that 64,565 pregnancies have resulted from rape in pro-life states since the Dobbs decision. We should all be enraged at the US Supreme Court and pro-lifers for passing inhuman anti-abortion laws! Look at the damage that’s been done as a result!

Only, are those reports even true?

Political scientist and professor Dr. Michael New analyzes and dissects these absurd statistical claims in this episode of the Dr. J Show.

“This is the worst piece of advocacy research I’ve ever seen in all my years as a social scientist,” Dr. New says of the article published in the Journal of Pediatrics of the American Medical Association. He goes on to explain how the statistics were inflated, adding, “There’s a wide range in the data, and they pick the highest number because it serves their ideological purposes.”

“It’s very sad. You do see this happen quite a lot with some prestigious medical journals … Any time you see the mainstream media report on an abortion study, view it skeptically. And very skeptically if the reporter does not talk to a pro-life person [or] someone with dissenting views.”

Learn more, including why the relationships of post-abortive women rarely last a year by watching the full interview on Locals, YouTube, Bitchute, or Odysee.

Contraceptives and Gender Ideology: The Hidden Link

We have yet to fully realize the impact of the Sexual Revolution on society, marriage, and the human body. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse joined Samantha Stephenson on Brave New Us to explain the three main ideologies of the sexual revolution:

  • the contraceptive ideology,
  • the divorce ideology, and
  • the gender ideology

and how these contradict natural law and negatively impact society by affecting our relationships, our health, our happiness, and our freedom.

What are the assumptions and contradictions of these ideologies, and how can we expose them with logic and evidence? How can we defend the family, marriage, and the human body from the attacks of the sexual revolution?

Watch it here.

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