U.S. to Provide Ukraine Aid Upon Senate Approval, Biden Tells Zelensky – American Faith

President Biden assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday that the United States would provide additional aid once the Senate approves a national security package, the White House announced.

Biden conveyed to Zelensky the U.S.’s steadfast commitment to supporting Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression. He pledged that his administration would swiftly deliver significant new security assistance packages to address Ukraine’s urgent battlefield and air defense needs upon Senate passage of the national security supplemental, followed by his signature.

In addition to security aid, Biden emphasized that U.S. economic assistance aims to help Ukraine maintain financial stability, rebuild infrastructure following attacks from Russia, and support reform efforts as Ukraine moves towards Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on Tuesday to advance a $95 billion foreign aid package, which includes $61 billion designated for Ukraine—already approved by the House over the weekend.

It is widely anticipated that the Senate will approve the foreign aid package this week, given that 22 of 49 Senate Republicans previously supported a similar bill when it passed the Senate in February.

Following months of interparty and intraparty negotiations, the House approved a substantial foreign aid package on Saturday, encompassing billions in military assistance for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, alongside significant humanitarian aid for conflict zones like Gaza.

Expressing gratitude to lawmakers after the House passage, Zelensky praised the decision, noting that it upheld the course of history.

While the House’s action represents a win for Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.), his advocacy for new foreign aid has drawn political backlash, particularly from conservatives critical of his cooperation with Biden on major legislative matters such as federal funding extensions and government surveillance reauthorization.

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