After three decades of humanitarian efforts, ‘222 Ministries’ re-brands as ‘Transform Iran’

Iranian-focused ministry changes name to reflect a new season of heightened focus

GLENDALE, Calif. — To better represent the full breadth and scope of its work, especially during this critical time in Iran, 222 Ministries International is now formally Transform Iran.  

“Externally, the new name clearly shows who we are and what we hope to do. We see a new dawn and a new day for the people of Iran,” said Lazarus Yeghnazar, Founder and President of Transform Iran (formerly 222 Ministries). “Internally, the new name heightens focus and clarifies our vision to better serve the people of Iran.” 

Through addressing societal issues of inequality, injustice, oppression, abuse and control, Transform Iran’s focus remains fully on transforming Iran into a nation where every person lives freely with the ability to express themselves fully, while also maintaining ongoing access to unbiased news, education, arts and other aspects of society that are currently controlled and filtered by the Iranian government.  

“As we witness the current protests, riots and arrests in response to the recent death of Mahsa Amini who was detained and fatally beaten for failing to fully cover her hair with her hijab, there is an evident need for drastic cultural transformation,” said Yeghnazar. “We are ready and equipped to help Iranians as they fight for change.”  

Prior to starting Transform Iran as 222 Ministries in 1991, Yeghnazar served in the Iranian military, acted as a liaison for government officials and developed himself as an accredited businessman in Iran, all of which provided him with invaluable knowledge regarding the inner workings of the country, thus motivating him to initiate efforts to aid his fellow Iranians. 

While the organization is remaining largely the same regarding outreach and goals, the new name better reflects the nonprofit’s ongoing call to reach the whole nation of Iran with the transformative love and power of Jesus. 

“Our aim extends beyond church-planting and disciple-making, but also, leadership development, business, project management, and strategic thinking to cultivate nation-transforming leaders,” said Lana Silk, Chief Executive Officer USA of Transform Iran. “We’ve been serving for more than 30 years in this country, but now there is a real sense of urgency—particularly in light of recent events.” 

Ultimately, Transform Iran hopes to see restored health and well-being within the anguished Iranian people who currently experience outrageous proportions of depression, anxiety, addiction, trauma and suicide.  

Aligning with thematic historical transformations throughout the Bible, Transform Iran believes that God has plans to radically transform the people of Iran, too. In reflecting upon the recent protests and outward cries for freedom from the Iranian people, the nonprofit is confident that God has already begun to work in many hearts across the nation of Iran, even within individuals who don’t know Jesus yet.  

Transform Iran’s network of ministries work powerfully together to this end: evangelism, church planting, leadership development, discipleship, trauma counseling, Bible translation, ethnic worship, supporting the persecuted church, Bible college and apologetics ministry. Altogether, the nonprofit is unified with one common objective: to bring the love and power of Christ to Iran. To learn more about Transform Iran’s mission, vision and action, visit 

About Transform Iran 
For more than 30 years, 222 Ministries—now Transform Iran—has served on the front lines of the Iranian Diaspora, sharing the love of Christ, training leaders and providing aid to the persecuted. God has given Transform Iran a unique position in the Middle East to meet the spiritual needs of many Iranians. In addition to spiritual support, Transform Iran provides humanitarian relief, including emergency food and shelter, medical care and legal help for asylum, among other forms of practical aid to Iranians who have been forced to leave their country. For information, visit 


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