Top Movies and Shows Promoting Christian Values Your Family Should Watch Soon

Watching movies and shows is a fun and wholesome way for families to bond during holidays and weekends. During the COVID-19 pandemic, families had to find ways to spend their time when lockdowns were in place. It was when online streaming services such as Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and Disney+ became a hit.

During such a difficult moment for families worldwide, simple activities like watching movies together played a huge part in keeping the household intact and family members sane.

But, pandemic or not, families should only watch shows that promote Christian traits that each family member could learn a great deal.

Here are the top movies and shows that promote Christian values your family should watch soon:

  • The Chosen. Who would have thought that a crowd-funded series inspired by Jesus’ Life would become among Netflix’s “Most Liked” titles, which is considered a rarity? And yet, “The Chosen” did just that.
    “We want to introduce the world to the authentic Jesus. Netflix is an amazing partner in that they can instantaneously get it out to 194 markets [countries], whereas if we were doing it slowly, bit by bit, it would take us far longer,” The Chosen’s head of original content, Katherine Warnock, told Christian Headlines in an interview.
    This multi-series show (only Season 1 is currently showing on Netflix) about Christ and his disciples became a big hit with Christians and non-believers alike, so be sure to put it on your bucket list of titles to watch with your family over the weekend.

  • A Hidden Life. This biopic tackles the life of Austrian farmer Franz Jägerstätter, whose refusal to participate in Hitler’s war based on his Christian faith made his entire family outcasts.
    “If God gives us free will, we’re responsible for what we do, what we fail to do, aren’t we?” Jägerstätter emphatically questions their town’s bishop.
    This is a PG-13 movie with images and monologues that would give viewers a peek into the inner mind of a Christian asking himself what it meant to follow God’s will and his willingness to pay whatever price it takes.

  • Up. There are very few family movies as heartwarming and spiritually fulfilling (in a not-so-overt way) as the movie “Up.” This 2009 Pixar animated movie follows the story of Carl, an elderly widow who was on a mission to fly his home to Paradise Falls in Venezuela, which he and his late wife wanted to visit. Along his journey with a young stowaway named Russell, Carl will learn a most important lesson: that life has so much to give if one does not live in the past.

  • The Blind Side. This 2009 movie tells the real-life story of a young football hopeful named Michael Oher, who was taken in as a family member by a woman named Leigh Ann Touhy. The movie shows both main characters showing reciprocity in kindness and gratitude, which are two things Christian families should learn a great deal from.

  • Cast Away. This Tom Hanks modern classic tells the story of a successful FedEx engineer named Chuck Noland, who was the sole survivor of a plane crash that left him alone on a remote island. While on the island, Chuck realized the many things he had taken for granted in his life and how he should be more appreciative of God’s gifts. Chuck did survive and left the island in no small thanks to a ball named Wilson, but he is a hugely changed person for the better.

  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Here, you’ll see one man’s quest to locate a photographer so he and his coworkers won’t lose their jobs. Walter Mitty’s journey to find the photographer will teach him about the inner courage he never knew existed and the blessings and trials he should be grateful for.
    This movie is perfect for Christian families who want to learn self-discovery and how they could get closer to God.

  • A Beautiful Mind. This gripping, real-life-inspired film teaches the value of love, which could offer the only logical reasons for things that are beyond man’s comprehension.
    This Tom Hanks movie also delves into the issue of mental health problems and how family members could navigate through the entire experience and still emerge whole as a family.

  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. What is it with Tom Hanks and great films? This is another movie starring Hanks that Christian families will enjoy and learn much about Christian values.
    The film follows the story of Mister Rogers, who in the movie is billed as the world’s nicest person. It shows the values of listening, caring, and displaying many Christian traits, particularly treating the person we’re talking to with utmost importance and respect.

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